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  • Aelisk
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Posted at 2016-05-21 01:12:18 — Link

The pet catching system for this site is one of the most interesting, but there's no reason to do it other than for the first couple pets. We've progressed so much that the cheapest pets in trades and pound are way better than what the wild offers.

I'm suggesting we incorperate the system into quests. For example, Thallo causes the wild population to boom. As a result, wild cockatrices have become overpopulated and are throwing the local ecosystem into whack. Acid covers the ground and rare plants are dying. The Druids/Warlocks have teamed up to do something about this, they're offering a bounty/exchange store for each wild cockatrice caught between ______ and ______. The game searches your account for wild cockatrices that are born after the event's starting date.

A nice bonus is that this allows newbies to participate and gives a use to a lot of inn invites that atm nobody uses. It also has a random element that can be used - Some kami is looking for the Chosen One, go catch a wild pet with over X intuition within this event time. 


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  • griphonlover
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Posted at 2016-06-01 17:30:07 — Link

I really like this idea, it is also another pet out flow (though it will also generate more pets). 

  • Wireath
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Posted at 2016-07-03 06:41:53 — Link

Would also put to use magic bombsl; I have a few sitting in my warehouse, and I haven't bothered selling them, since they aren't really that useful.

Anyways, the idea is pretty good;

1. Gives newer players another way to make extra money

2. Adds value to some of the Premium items: invites and Magic Bombs

3. Restore relevency to an old system, that not much older players use anymore.

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