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Posted at 2016-05-03 03:57:07 — Link

Confusion Complete Confusion You score the same number of attack points with your opponent if he rolled more attack points than you. You're using the pheromones and odours to confuse your opponent so he ceases to understand who is the friend and who is the enemy.
Conditions: You rolled 4 or more Confusion maneuvers.
Fragrance or Stench, Genetic Power 2, 10 battle wins
Counterstrike and Leadership are listed as an attack maneuver, but despite the description, those don't trigger Complete Confusion. Example: The opponent rolls one Fire Attack, three Leaderships and twelve Counterstrikes. Complete Confusion hits for four points of damage instead of 22, and only triggers if your team dished out less than four points. 
This makes it useless. In theory, it'd work against teams that use nothing but attacks (elemental attacks, Unbridled Attack), but such team also almost always have Leadership. I can't think of any situations where it'd actually help you win. Almost as useless as Phobos and Deimos.

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Posted at 2016-05-03 21:40:08 — Link

I don't use it any more either. Do you need to have Confusion as a tactic in all your squad beasts in order for it to trigger?

Also, I can't seem to figure out how to get Theory of Chaos to work, so if you have any tips for this noob please send them my way :(

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Posted at 2016-05-04 20:54:36 — Link

You need to roll at least four normal confusion maneuvers in total, plus the tactic during the combat.


Which is an another reason why it's so useless: Confusion doubles the damage... if you manage to roll a followup attack. But when using that tactic, you're trying to roll less damage than the opponent. So it doesn't make sense to actually combine it with attack maneuvers.
In short, it's pretty much the worst tactic in its current form.

As for theory of chaos? You need to roll four movements in addition to the tactic, for it to trigger. Any of these count:

Strafing StrikeMovementTornado

And you need to roll more of those than your opponent. Which is actually pretty easy, since most squads don't use movement at all. So I recommend combining it with defense. This combo is pretty flexible, if you can get it:


 (Regeneration + Gracefulness)

It allows you to adjust the tactics as necessary on field: for instance, you could switch strafing strikes to normal movement when attacking defense-heavy squads, or to double Regeneration if you're facing attack-heavy squads.

I've also occasionally combined Theory of Chaos with pure attack:


 (Boiling Blood + Fire Gland + Spitting Muscle)

...but that setup requires a lot of luck to actually roll four maneuvers plus the tactic, since you can't reroll elemental attacks.


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Posted at 2016-05-12 16:43:27 — Link

Right, four manoeuvres. Looks difficult. I don't know if it's worth using.

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Posted at 2016-06-08 16:31:42 — Link

From what I can tell, Leadership is more of a tactics maneuver, since it depends on your other rolls, like most Tactics, only difference is it's per roll, rather then per battle.

As for Counterstrike, it counts as both a defense and attack maneuver, so that might be why -- Though I think Complete Confusion counts your Counterstrike AP when totaling score, so yeah, probably a bug here. (I know for sure Hold the Line counts counterstrike as an attack as well.)

Anyways, yeah, I agree, Confusion's ability is pretty much obsolete if you want to use it's tactic, Complete Confusion, because:

A. Doubles your attack points(AP)

B., Complete Confusion's score is: Oppenent's AP - Your AP

-- I ended up regretting giving my BF Cockatrices Stench due to this :P

-- Also, after testing one of my theories, I can say that both Phobos & Demos and Deadly Frost are pretty much obsolete, as most players, especially the experienced ones, won't use negative maneuver pets for their squads.


To add-on, it's 4 movement maneuvers as long as the pet doesn't have Watchman, otherwise it's 3, or so it states, haven't tried it yet. Also, you can re-roll Elemental Attacks, if you have the right maneuver.

Lastly, from what I've read, this may have been better placed in the Battlefield balancing thread (In the suggestion part of the forum), though barely anyone uses that, I think.

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