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Credits Go to Kisara for making the first Quest List. I have decided to update it since Kisara has not been active in over a year

I have compiled a list of quest pets through extensive research...


Thread Researched:

Quest Trades? {Temporary Trades for Quests}

* Thread Discretion: Some people have been known to claim pets? (The question being of no prior personal experience, although could be possible?) so using this thread asking for quest help may be of risk. Although from every page I have read, seems legit.


I Have read through 51/96 current pages as of 1/16/2016 and here is what has been found.

Quests encountered

A Female and/or Male.

By “Descendant of Heroes in Generation”

1  Generation, 2 Generations, 3 Generations

That is a:

Bird, Cockatrice, Dragon, Flying Animal, Gryphon, Mammal, Pet, Puma, Reptile, Roc, Unicorn, Symurgh

Colors of:

Side note: Pets with specific color quests must have genes researched first in order for the quest to be enabled, otherwise the quest will not work.

Pure black Puma

Piebald Cockatrice

Gold Cockatrice

White Gyrfalcon Roc

White Roc

Gryphon with Owl Markings

Black Bicolor Gryphon

Snow Leapord Gryphon

White Gryphon

Black Unicorn

White Smurgh

Fiery Red Smurgh

Blue Smurgh

Tan Forest Throdama

Mystic Quartz Lake Throdama

Fire Nomad Throdama

Striped Black Dragon

 Scout/Harvestor/Defendor/Warrior Throdama

That Have:

A bird with Musical Beak

A pet with Deaf

A pet with Silly

A pet with Geneologist.


The ability to Breathe Acid, Petrifying Gaze, Geneologist

Poisonous Teeth, Stench, Regeneration, Venomous Skin, Bet Expert


Ability to breathe fire, Berserker, Boiling Blood, Fearsome Look

That can breathe Fire, Robust Scales, Artisan


Berserker, Gracefulness, Lionheart, Musical Beak

Second Breath, Sharp Feathers, Acute Eyesight


Berserker, Gracefulness, Lion Heart, Musical Larynx, Saber-Toothed, Second Breath, Silent Pace


The ability to call lightning, Electric Gland, Spurs, Weak Beak


Unicorn with Determined(First time seeing that!)

Fragrance, Gracefulness, Magical Horn, Magic Mirror

Counterstrike Ability, Scholar



Song of Peace



Genetic Conbination of:

Cockatrice, Dragon, Gryphon, & Unicorn -Counterstrike

Quests May also ask for Pets with different levels of Degeneration

That has a high number of:

Agile, Brave, Clever, Constitution, Courage, Intuition, Tough, Strong

Always looking for the following: Mutagen, Change Sex Scrolls, Rainbow Jars

 I need: 2 Money Tree Saplings; 3 Nightcat; 1 Warehouse (lvl 6)

I have: 1 Spirit in a Jar; 1 Snake Eye

Have Ice Breath + Ice Aura Lykos and Lightning Rocs for Sale