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Posted at 2015-11-19 21:28:35 — Link

So I sent a private breeding request for 5k. At the time I had plenty of money to pay it.... Then I spent most of it till I had like 3700 in my account. The request went through and I received a message that 5k was taken, but of course I did not have 5k to leave. It zeroed my silver balance and when I explored later, I found the full amount on the island, it did not take the discrepency out of my account for later when I did have money.

Always looking for the following: Mutagen, Change Sex Scrolls, Rainbow Jars

 I need: 2 Money Tree Saplings; 3 Nightcat; 1 Warehouse (lvl 6)

I have: 1 Spirit in a Jar; 1 Snake Eye

Have Ice Breath + Ice Aura Lykos and Lightning Rocs for Sale

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Posted at 2015-11-20 00:34:03 — Link

Thank you for reporting! The bug is fixed now. Sorry for confusion.

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