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Posted at 2015-09-24 13:01:04 — Link

I'm glad I checked on the pregnancy and brood caring before it ended since, for whatever reason, the third worker with its Harvester pheromone did not save to Morganite when I originally set it.

Workers with Pheromones on her::

  3. (the one the bug started with)

However the bug was not linked to the worker, or at least it didn't appear that way. What happened is that the Use Pheromones was not allowing me to save any changes I made to the Harvester pheromones I was using. I managed to get past it by changing the type of pheromone to Warrior, saving there, switching back to Harvester, and resetting them. Only after that did it allow me to save the Pheromones I was using.

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Posted at 2015-09-25 01:00:19 — Link

Thank you for reporting. There was a problem with error output and a problem with reassigning the same worker for a different pheromone, now it's fixed and will show why a worker can't be assigned if there are any errors.

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