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Posted at 2015-07-13 00:43:34 — Link

I've been randomly adding suggestions to a document while I have been playing this site so I'm just going to post it all here. Some things have probably already been suggested but I haven’t really gone through all the suggestions to see which ones have.

As of 10/09/2016, I’ve reorganized this thing a little.

Pet Suggestions (Still a work in progress. Also I have no art skills so I will just be listing the genes I think they should have and a few characteristics of the species.)

* <-- On below suggestions means it's related to the pet suggestions in document above.


Island Suggestions

1.Flooded Island (Coastline? Shore?)

  • Island that has been flooded by water.
  • No wood, hops or rubies or amethysts would be found on this island.
  • New food items could be different types of fish, shells, clams, octopus, starfish, etc.
  • *Can also find pearls. The chance of finding a pearl is extremely rare.
  • *New species of pet (Water Beast?) could be released on island as an encounter in a whirlpool near “land”. If the user has a pearl, they can use it to “tame” the beast. The pet will have random genes but has an increased chance to have good genes depending on how many pearls are offered. Max 3-5 pearls can be offered.

2.Mountain Island (Mountains?)

  • A piece of land hidden in the mountains.
  • New food items could be bears, birds, pinecones, etc.
  • Lots of stone and more of a chance to find rubies and amethysts.
  • New enemies could be Abominable Snowman, Wendigo, etc.

3.Barren island (Barren Land?)

(Only open during summer?)

  • A piece of land devoid of life but in the form of magical beasts.
  • No wood or food can be found here.
  • Monsters are magical constructs and are not really alive or made of organic material. Stone beasts, fire beasts, water beast, Magma beasts.
  • *Extremely rarely find a plant seed. If taken, the seed can be hatched into a new species (Kodama?) if given rare materials from monsters from the island. (Magma beasts drop Life Gem, Fire beasts drop Ball of Light, water beats drop Pure Water, stone beasts drop Rich Earth.

4. Flower Island (Flower Field?)

  • A piece of land full of life. The ground is teeming with flowers.
  • New food items can be butterflies, flowers, insects, spiders, etc.
  • New monsters could be Faeries, Harpies, etc.
  • *Extremely rare to find a cocoon item. If used, a cocoon will appear in user’s ungrouped. Cocoon will turn into a new species (Butterfly?) after 30 days. Feeding it food will cause it to “hatch” faster. 500 units of food will equal one less day of hatch time and only 15 days can be reduced.

5.Hidden Island (Enigmatic Terrain?)

(Open 2-3 random months/days per year?)

  • A foggy island which may hold hidden secrets.
  • Users must sacrifice 150 of one material or 45k silver to enter island as many times as they want for only one day.
  • Island has twice the rate of spawning gems, gold spawn rate is increased. There is no vermillion.
  • Any type of monster can be encountered here. Upcoming items and monsters can be added to this island a two days in advance to tease players.
  • Premium item locations on this island have a chance of yielding almost any items from beastkeeper including retired event items. (Roses, feathers, zinc, manuscripts, etc.) Items that have never been in premium item locations (founder cells culture, etc.) or ones that were there only for a limited time (fish eggs, etc.) will not be found.
  • If user has missed Kami events, any missed Kami can be very, very rarely encountered and tamed but it will be harder than the actual event. User must encounter them multiple times. (At least 4 times and then defeat them on the fourth time. User must sacrifice things like: 300 rubies +300k silver + Rainbow jar, 999 wood + 2 Change Sex scroll+ 200 quartz, 500 vermillion + 400 hops +  per meeting to try and tame. If defeated, user must leave island and keep trying until they can encounter Kami again). It may take months/days to get all Kami, if all were missed.


  • Players can use blueprints and invites (Or any sort of resources) in monthly raffles where the prize is a 1 month premium subscription, and other items.
  • Weekly/monthly raffles for one Kami. Players can use any item as a tickets so thousands of tickets can be “bought” per player and surplus items can be removed from the economy.
  • New Kami could be released via item raffles. Only ten players per week can win and the raffle would go on indefinitely. No player can win the raffle more than once.
  • Special buildings must be re-created every 30 days and use many different items in their construction. Maybe a bridge to gain access to a new island? Farms? Or special buildings that give you a new site skin for a limited time? New items can be created to use in these blueprints/schemes. (Obsidian, charcoal, paints, palette, ashes, organic waste, Seeds, etc.) New buildings could also use food/schemes/blueprints as materials.
  • Ability to temporarily stop game from using plant and animal carbs/fats/proteins from inventory. Maybe a new building like a silo that must be built and then ‘repaired’ every week or else it will break.
  • Daily raffles held over a two week period which involve using resources/items/energy flow cards as tickets. The prizes can be a new species of pet. (Maybe 5-10 pets given out per day?) This event can be held once every few months or once or twice a year.
  • Weekly raffles for premium items using items as tickets. (Only a few given out per week.)
  • Organize schemes/blueprints by name instead of when it was added to "crafts and constructions"

New Features:

  • Farming/gardening. Create a new “minigame” to allow farming and gardening. Creatures and plants can be grown for collections (new feature?) and can be slaughtered or harvested for food. Players could have a count on their profile of how many things have successfully grown to adulthood. Farms must be rebuilt in a new location every 30 days as the soil will run low on nutrients and users must let the land replenish itself. (Good use for resources like stone, wood, ore, etc.)
  • An event can be held which promotes users to donate pets and items to reach tiers. Every tier can be unlock a new feature for the site. (Ex, 100 pets gets all players logging in for the last 30 days to receive a random invite, 1000 pets unlocks a new site skin, 10000 pets unlocks a new island/species. This event can only last 3 days so that people cannot breed many babies just to donate. 100000 unlocks the prize of one random box to every user that logged in the past 30 days, 1000000 items unlocks a safety deposit box or 2000000 unlocks a gallery feature.
  • A gallery for items that can be viewed.
  • A safety deposit box.
  • When clicking on a user’s profile, you are able to see what pets and items they are selling/exchanging and can click from there to get to that trade/auction to bid on.
  • A shop where only a certain amount of items can be sold per day. A shop search.
  • NPCs. Characters who welcome you when you go to your lair, explore, buildings, etc. Characters maybe have backstory as well.
  • Achievements! (Just for fun) Getting an achievement for expanding to the highest level stable, astrologist, warehouse, etc. For finding one thousand/five thousand/ten thousand non-food items in explore. For visiting certain buildings a certain amount of times. For visiting all buildings in explore at least once.


  • Ready made buildings/golems can be bought in State Shop. (Farms, Skins, etc. can be bought for 200k+ each.)
  • New pet species released via State Shop. (1mil silver per pet or such.)

New Species/Genes/Misc. (See Above Document for Species Ideas)

  • Some pets can be extremely hard to breed. Maybe an item is needed to find in explore to make some species of pet breedable for only one breeding. Some pets may only have a breeding season and cannot be bred after that. Some pets have an extremely long childhood.
  • New species is like a cuckoo bird. There is a very rare chance for one to be “born” when one of your females gives birth. To prevent mass breeding, only the first breed of the day has a chance of yielding the new species of offspring.
  • New species of pets could also be given early to site contributors (Those who provide art, stories, etc.) to provide incentive to provide content.
  • New pet species released via catchers.
  • New genes released for species, but the only way to get them would be through wild pets and mutagens.

New Warlock Exchange Station Items:

  • Item that randomly switches two stats on a pet
  • Item that randomly breeds female pet with Europa program pet so you don’t have to explore for the building
  • Item that places you male pet’s DNA in the Europa program
  • Past Item Box open up into a random retired item. (Including old schemes.)
  • Item that opens up in a random 10-30 of a material
  • Gift Items. Items that can be used on yourself or on other users to give them small benefits. (A Pile of Silver Charm increases the spawn rate of silver on islands, Monster Blood slightly decreases the amount of monsters on islands, etc.)
  • Item in premium shop or warlock exchange that removes all magic food affects from your pet and reduces its level to 1. (All level bonuses would reset as well.) Maybe one could be released in both places but the one from the premium shop has a 50% chance to individually refund any magic food used on the pet. (Ex. You used 10 magic food and got around 5 back after using the level reset from the premium shop.)
  • New building in explore or item in warlock exchage that randomly changes the deviance of your pet to another one.


  • Being able to click on the squad flag on the battlefield map to get to the page to move that squad.
  • On the battlefield page, all your squads' current energy can be seen near their name. Maybe ones that are full have a different color tab (or vice versa) so you don't have to click on all your squads and check them individually. Maybe their flag is different to show which squads have full energy versus those who do not.
  • When clicking on a squad on the battlefield page, you can see what it's named as well.
  • Be able to color code your squad’s flag/squad tab on the battlefield. (So it's easier to see which squad is where.)
  • Shell and Cuttlefish ink resources can be used to trade for items on the portal. Maybe 300 or each as they are so abundant? Also add Hops and Lazulite to items that can be asked for?
  • A third island where resources can be obtained. Maybe the ancient battlefield, crimson tree give you wood, gems, vermillion or other resources, while the portal in that island gives you a random rarer explore item (Sex change scroll, rainbow jar, mutagen, magic bomb, amesia potion, etc.)


  • Ability to see all of a user’s pet trade and item trades from a link in their profile.
  • Being able to search your pets by more than just stats. (number of monsters killed, gold collected, level quests completed, etc.)
  • Being able to create a list of pets that would always appear first in they are eligible for quests.
  • Make pets for sale buyable from their profile page or have something link them to their pet trade page.
  • Option to hide certain types of items from item exchanges or auctions. (Ex. Schemes and Blueprints).
  • Be able to search item trades by item types. (Materials, battlefield items, food, Magic Food, blueprints, schemes, etc.)
  • Being able to write down messages in item trades. They would only be visible if you clicked on the trade.
  • Be able to search your pets for those that have not had all of their genes fully researched. Or have fully researched pets have a tiny icon or border around them so you know they are fully researched.
  • Be able to search for pets in the auctions that have not had their genes researched.
  • When searching own pets, be able to exclude pets that are: In squads, busy, pregnant or have less than full energy.
  • Search own pets by how many times it has been bred.
  • Search own pets by what percent the pets has been bred from the maximum amount.
  • Can search your own pets by homozygous genes. (Ex. searching for muscles shows you all the pets you have with homozygous muscle genes.)
  • Be able to see the stats of SPSB'd pet's profiles. (When you click on them from lineage links)
  • Have another tab like "My Bids" where all alerts (Outbid, saved trigger alerts) would be listed. If a new alert is sent maybe an icon will appear in the corner of the screen which lets you know you have a new alert.
  • When looking male pets offered for breeding, be able to save them to find them again later. Saved pets could appear in a list between your pets available and those belonging to everyone else.
  • Being able to choose what species you want to view in a group. (Ex, if you only want to see the unicorns, you can choose to do that.)
  • Being able to sort a group by level, species, age, etc.


  • Item trade expire after 60 days
  • Triggers, watching auctions sends messages to account mail, not email. (Some of us don’t go on our gaming e-mails.)
  • Prizes for users who contribute content to Beastkeeper. This could mean a less workload for artists as users will be able to submit colorations, items, new pets for events, etc. and earn site currency/pets/items in return.
  • Being able to remove titles from pets without going into profile (As long as you are the owner of that title). (If pet is traded, pounded or SPSB’d the title stays on and I personally dislike that I cannot remove it.)
  • Being able to stop seeing SPSB’d pets when looking at the children of a certain pet.
  • Allowing pets to be assigned multiple titles
  • Make neutering Serum findable in explore
  • Add the max level of a building when you click on it so you know from there how many times you need to upgrade.
  • A count of how many pets are in the pound on the pound page
  • Wild Deviants won from contests show what contest they were won from, what place and what dates the contest was held.
  • Arena battles show experience gained when using automatic mode in the arena. Can be shown just under the notice of the result of the battle.
  • Battle reports tell how much experience a pet has gained when they win a battle.
  • Hold contests where the requirements for a higher score are not given.
  • Hold contests where 20 random genes (Good, bad, neutral, anything!) are selected for a pet and the first 5 people (or the closest five) who submit a pet bred with those exact genes that week (Dominant and recessive genes inherited from parents must match as well) will win the regular contest prizes. Or something else. Anyone else who submits the pet after the first five gets the regular 5k silver payout.
  • Change messaging system so that previous message is still aligned with new message.
  • More outfits! Maybe some increase a stat by 10-30 permanently. Maybe some are temporary and only last a week to a month? Maybe some are just for appearances?

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Posted at 2015-07-14 01:15:16 — Link

As you have a lot of suggestions here I won't be sending this comment in one response. I'll edit this instead, giving my feedback in parts as I take in each of your suggestions. I'll do the smaller, easier to comment on things first so as you can formulate a response to what I have to say on those if you choose to do so.


  • I too would like for the item exchanges to have an expiration date. Outdated trades clutter up the exchanges and some newer users may not recognize if an item up for trade was from a past event and is no longer relevant. All trades that are currently up would be given this new expiration date and, in 60 days, or however long it is, they would be removed if not accepted by anyone in that time.

  • I think any and all notifications that are sent to gaming e-mails should first be sent through the in-game messaging system, so this also has my support (for what it's worth).

  • This third Random one I'm not so sure what you mean. Beastkeeper has its own writers in its staff and yet the Quest Event Writing Contest was held. With the artists, the same goes with the Golem contest and users in both contests who had accepted entries were rewarded for this. New official skin colorings aren't really needed until new bases are made for the existing species or when new species are being introduced.
    (On another note, while I'm sure there are a lot of users who are antsy and are anticipating new species, there is no rush. The Lykos are still relatively new and I know I'm on BK for the long hull so having new species introduced over time makes more sense to me, so having users submitting skins for new species to be added sooner isn't necessary in my opinion.)

  • Nope, sorry but this is one that I don't support. Sure there is magic in Europa but changing the species of a pet? This doesn't work for me.

  • I know in some cases people don't remove the titles on purpose because they want to be able to keep track of the pets. If the pet is going to the SPSB though removing the title automatically would be nice. And, in any case, having a feature that would allow the titles to be removed from the stable page instead of the pet's profile wouldn't hurt anything, so I can support this.

  • Yes, this would be nice. Loading the page to show a pet's children takes long enough as it is. Something to speed up the page itself woud be great too.

  • This makes sense, but where would the titles go? It would take up a lot of space to list out a pet's multiple titles.

  • I support adding the Neutering Serum to explore. If Mutagen and other items can be found out there then it only makes sense for these to be there too.



  • I've seen this suggestion before and I support it just as much now as I did then. Having them organized by when they were added, well, it's a bit disorganized. Having them alphabetized would make much more sense.
  • While it doesn't exactly change much of anything I support this too as it'd be more convenient than checking the list of recipes for those who are curious about how many upgrades there are.

  • Another feature that doesn't have any major impact on gameplay but it'd satisfy a lot of users' curiosity so yeah, I'd like this too!

Warlock Exchange Station Items::

  • The only problem I see with this is that certain genes modify genetics so it would only be able to swap the base points, and then these newly switched stats would then be effected by the genes. Interesting enough that I support!

  • Something like a Europa Project Breeding Kit would be cool. You can use it to submit samples for the males and get samples for females.

  • I know there are some people who may be interested in collecting all of the items that have existed here on BK but personally I don't see how this would have any use. So no, I don't think we need a Past Item Box.

  • 10-30 of a material isn't much unless it's something like Hops that are harder to find while exploring. So maybe? I don't feel strongly either way on this one.

  • This seems like it could be difficult to implement but would be interesting except I'm not a fan of the "gift" part of it that would allow you to use it on other users. And would Monster Blood decrease the guardian monsters too or are they immune to it? If it effects them islands wouldn't have as many chests which seems like it would be a negative thing. Also, where would the effect of the item and the remaining time it will be in effect for be stated?
    (PS: You mixed the currencies up by the way in your "A Pile of Gold Charm." Gold doesn't spawn on the islands, silver does.



  • I don't support either of these suggestions. The reasons why::
    • If buildings and such can be purchased right away with silver only then it defeats the purpose of blueprints and crafting. Finding the materials and having to have a certain pet to craft them, and then to wait while it is being crafted, is important and I wouldn't want that to be changed.
    • 1 mil silver is a lot to newer users and it can take a lot of time for someone to get to that point. This method of getting a new pet is too exclusive.



New Features::


Pet Species::

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Posted at 2015-07-15 05:51:10 — Link

Thank you for responding! 

I do understand many of the suggestions I had probably won't work but I thought I'd suggest them anyway! 

For the ones you supported, yay!

Third: I think I'm just rather impatient since I'm used to more active sites. I was hoping by allowing users to provide content, more species/islands/features/events and would happen or were added. Beastkeeper is still fun as is though so its not really that big a deal!

Fourth: Didn't think this one would really work at all but thought I'd try and suggest it anyway!

Seventh: I wouldn't really have much issue with the titles appearing right underneath each other. It may make the page a little longer if a pet has lots of titles but users could not use that many if it bothers them. Or maybe they could prioritize titles and only the first one would pop up while viewing your list of pets, and the rest would only be viewable on the pet's profile?

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Posted at 2015-07-23 06:45:21 — Link

Okay, so I just edited the other post to include some more of my comments on some of the other stuff. Sorry it's taking me so long! I have a lot of exploring to do this week and that's been what I've been spending almost all of my time on BK on since Sunday. Not to mention how long your list is! I've made progress though and I'm almost through it. Kind of. Sort of...

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Posted at 2015-07-26 09:24:56 — Link

No worries! Take your time. I know I have quite a bit here, most of which might not work. ;p

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to me at all! 

As well, thank you again for the support on some of my suggestions. 

Warlock Exchange:
Third: Thought I'd suggest it just in case there are more people like me. XD

Fourth: It wouldn't cost much but it might be something new that people could spend an event currency item on. 

Fifth: I thought the gift part it might promote some more interaction.
I didn't really think about what kind of monsters they would affect or where the timer would be honestly. I think it affecting only the non-guardian monsters would be best and maybe the timer/effect desciption could just be below the "island" title on the explore island page?
Whoops! I'll go fix that mistake!



First: I guess it might but it would be much more expensive to buy the building than craft it. For players with lots of silver because they log in just a little while to do quests and don't explore for whatever reason, I thought it might be a nice alternative which would also get rid of some silver from the site. 

Second: I guess but no matter what everything is exclusive in some way. Some people didn't have the time, pets, items/materials, silver, etc. to get the Kami pets, or even now get any lykos/symughs/throdamas. The new pet could just be one of the more harder to obtain goals of the site. Users who can afford them would quickly breed them and make them affordable to users with less silver. I think most regular players of BK have plenty of silver laying around to use. 
I guess the price could be lowered a little as well. ;p

Also added a bit more to the "newer" section as I meant that to be all the new ideas I had after posting my original list.

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Posted at 2015-08-01 08:18:41 — Link

I like the pet ideas! My favourites are Butterfly and Hydra :-) I also like many of the genes, colours and other options (such as being found on a water island) that you created for the Mermaid/Siren. However, I think the idea of an even vaguely human-like pet seems rather suspicious. Perhaps some other water-dwelling creature, magical or otherwise, could be used as insparation?

I also support several of the other ideas:

  • A Hidden Island that you must sacrifice materials to enter, but that may hide retired items, extra gems or coins, or even a Kami you don't have (Dreamlands ones only, perhaps?) I also like how it would only be open for a few days.
  • Mountain, Flowery, or Watery Island themes - however, it would be better if they were just like normal islands, with their own Guardian and normal monsters, rather than having special features like finding pets or special elemental items there. However, they could sprout these special features for a one-off event, like the Hopper or Lykos events.
  • The Gift Items, as well as the Europa Diversity DNA item, sound great! The pet stat swap or speicies swap sound a bit too complicated and game-changing though.
  • The Triggers being sent to in-game messages as well sounds good.
  • The Pet count in the Pound sounds exeedingly awesome - I really want that feature now!
  • All of the organisational features.


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Posted at 2015-08-03 07:01:27 — Link

Hmm, I understand your position on the mermaid/siren. It could be changed to some other beast. There are plenty of fish in the sea, as they say. ;p

I actually meant the Hidden island is open a few months but maybe a few days would be a better idea. I added that in. :)

The special pet parts are just extras for the islands, they are not really needed. The islands can be normal but I was hoping each new island would introduce a new species cause I'm always hopeful for more.

Don't the copper idols in the savannah swap the base stats of a pet already? The pet stat swap I'm suggesting would be little different, except that you can't choose any stats to swap and it would be an item. Maybe it should be something very hard to obtain though, since copper idols are kinda frustrating to find repeatedly.
Yup, the species one is a little much so I'll just cross it out or something.


Thank you for your suggestions and support!


Edited and added a few more things!

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Posted at 2016-08-14 08:35:27 — Link

Bumping this. :)

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