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  • Karakurt
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Posted at 2015-07-12 09:34:18 — Link

On the global pet search, baby pets' images appear as adults on the preview list. Not much of a troublesome bug, but it makes the search a little bit confusing.


  • Sylviianel
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Posted at 2015-07-12 17:15:28 — Link

I've noticed this too but honestly, I'm okay with it. It helps in identifying deviance. If you go to search for deviant Pumas and the search had a bunch of baby Pumas in it, for example, who all look exactly the same except for the color of their fur, it'd be a bit difficult to determine what their deviance is unless the owner has researched their color+pattern genes. The same could be said about any color+pattern combos in adults, actually, and not just with deviance.

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