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Poll: Do you like this beast idea?

Yes, this should be a new pet!
20 votes / 95%
Not really, they are creatures I'd like.
1 votes / 5%
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  • boodles
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Posted at 2015-07-06 22:05:36 — Link

^^ In the pole: "Not Really, They aren't creatures I like."

I have an idea for a new beast. Originally I was tring to think of a beast worth adding that was multi-headed as it would have some unique characteristics that most other beasts don't have. I couldn't decide on any multiheaded beasts as the onlt ones that came to mind were Cerberus and Hydra, which are escentially dogs (too similar to Lykos) or giant lizards (too similar to Dragons) though I would be intersted in expanding on any of those ideas if discussed/asked. The next idea for a creature that I settled on was a Manticore. 


*I am not the most-skilled artist, so I will describe what I had in mind and pictures may follow later. Feel free to post an image idea if you want :)

I imagine the BeastKeeper style of Manticore would be less traditional and more modern looking. I imagine the face of a man to be less dominant, and not actually a human face, but more like an ape-lion blended face, with the curled goat-like horns presented in most modern inerpretations.  The Manticore is supposed to have 3 rows of teeth, however for BeastKeeper I would imagine just showing some canine teeth that protrude from the mouth. I imagine the body of the lion is very, lion-y, with a lion mane on males if possible. And lastly, the pet would have the classic scorpion tale and stinger. I don't imagine it with wings, as many pets on this site already have wings and only some representations of Manticore have wings.

I imagine Beast Keeper styled pet that is a combination of these images I wound online (of course not replicates of these though): 

One: *Male Body, horns, tail.

Two: *Body, tail, face. 

Three: *Female body, horns.

Possible Genetics:

Jaws/Stinger: Normal Jaws, Sharp Teeth, Weak Jaws, Blunt Teeth, Double Incisors, Musical Larnyx, Pioson Gland (Similar to fire/acid)

Sense Organs: Normal Sense, Animal Instinct, Poor Hearing, Deaf, Acute Eyesight, Good Depth Perception (Increases accuracy), Poor Depth Perception (Decreases Acuracy)

Brain: Smart, Slow Minded, Normal Wits, Silly, Quickmind, Berserker, Geneaologist, Warning Strike (Chance for oponant to faulter their attack, making it less effective, ie % less damage taken)

Paws: Normal paws, Agile Paws, Clumsy Paws, Blunt Claws, Sharp Claws, Silent Pace, Big Stinger (critical strike increased), Small Stinger (Critical strike decreased)

Bones: Normal, Fragile, Solid, Light, Thin, Steel Bones, Horns (Can counter a blow with them, resists % damage)

Muscles: Strong, Weak, Normal Muscles, Dystrophy, Steel Muscles, Striking Muscles (Similar to Spitting muscle), Pride (Like Hound, increases Inteligence and Intuition)

Internal Organs: Normal, Faint-Hearted, Thick Skin, Lion Heart, Second Breath

Skin: Think, Thin, Normal Skin, Elemental Vulnerability, Elemental Resistance

Combo/Specific Abilities: 

Poisonous Sting: (Similar to Acid Strike) Requires Striking Muscle and Poison Gland.

Pride: Some kind of bonus for a squad of Manticore.


I think they shouldn't really be a rare pet, perhaps simply available by capturing them on the Wild Pet page. 

So, Those are my ideas, any input is greatly appriciated!

WIP :3

Check out a new beast idea, The Manticore in the Suggestions Forum!

  • boodles
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Posted at 2016-07-08 01:18:38 — Link


WIP :3

Check out a new beast idea, The Manticore in the Suggestions Forum!

  • arete
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Posted at 2016-07-08 12:42:39 — Link

Very interesting. But maybe it should be a special pet, as it sounds like a well bred one would be extremely powerful.... Hmmmm.

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  • KyuunaJagger
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Posted at 2018-01-13 23:00:10 — Link

...If this becomes a thing...perhaps as a halloween themed encounter for certain hunters when you look for a wild pet? 

  • yellowfang777
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Posted at 2018-04-09 00:52:50 — Link

Interesting idea.  Bringing up this thread to see if anyone agrees with it.



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