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  • PortysPride
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Posted at 2015-01-29 18:08:38 — Link

Ok so everytime I go to My Bids and look at the bids on the pet Im watching and biding on, I have to go to see the pets auction page to see at what time the auction ends...I would realy like to see the auctions ending time on the My Bids page to make it soooooooo much easier and simpler when your bidding on multiple pets/items...

Hey guys! So I decided to use the signature to help me complete my deviant collection!!!

So these are the deviants Im missing and looking for:

Unicorns - Rocs - Dragons - Pumas

Color Devs:

Black Kite, Black, Cold Gray, Black Bicolor, Brown Bicolor, Gray,  Piebald White, White, Spotted White, Sky-blue, Light-green, Spotted Green, Black, Spotted Black, Silver, Spotted Red, Piebald Silver, Cloudy Leopard, Gray, Silver, Gray Siamese, Pure Black, Blue, Cream, Siamese, Apricot, Pastel Siamese, Lilac, Snow Leopard, Dilute White, White Siamese

Pattern Devs:

Black Bicolor, Montagus Harrier, Gray, White Gryphalcon, White, Dilute White, Striped Blue, Blue, Sky-blue, Spotted Blue, Striped Green, Black, Silver, Spotted Black,  Red, Piebald Red, Striped Silver, Silver, Piebald Silver, Spotted SilverGray Tiger, Cloudy Leopard, Silver, Blue, Red Leopard, Siamese, Yellow Tiger, Leopard, Apricot, Brown Tiger, Brown Cloudy Leopard, Brown, White Tiger, White, Dilute White, White Siamese

  • Imitatia
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Posted at 2015-01-29 20:39:25 — Link

Small change, but would be very helpful. You have my support here!

Hey everyone!

  • Liandralithe
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Posted at 2015-01-30 19:45:04 — Link

YES! Definitely support.

Always looking for the following: Mutagen, Change Sex Scrolls, Rainbow Jars

 I need: 2 Money Tree Saplings; 3 Nightcat; 1 Warehouse (lvl 6)

I have: 1 Spirit in a Jar; 1 Snake Eye

Have Ice Breath + Ice Aura Lykos and Lightning Rocs for Sale

  • Nightingale
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Posted at 2015-01-30 21:39:48 — Link

YusPls.... Seriously though, this would be awesome. When looking at auctions I tend to have way too many tabs open as it is.

Always looking for Expand Stable Scrolls

  Chan eil aon chànan gu leòr

  • Lytala
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Posted at 2015-02-03 19:00:26 — Link

Yes, please!

Breeder of trash deviants

  • Aera
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Posted at 2015-02-04 08:15:54 — Link

I agree, I end up missing the auctions end times sometimes since I cant see the time on My Bids and have too many tabs open to keep track of the timer


The often imitated but never duplicated ;)

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