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Posted at 2015-01-20 03:31:09 — Link

Table of Contents::

  1. Pet Feeding
  2. Types of Food
  3. Diet Composition
  4. Magic Food

Pet Feeding

Once a day the beasts in your stables are automatically fed. You can view the details of this feeding in the daily Report found under Manor. Every pet eats a total of 18 pounds of food a day; 1 pound = 1 food item = 1 silver. I would like to put emphasis on that; 1 food = 1 silver. If you do not have enough food when the feeding occurs, 1 silver will be spent in place of each 1 food you are short on. Having the food items in your Inventory is optional because of this.

For those of you who find your silver being depleted upon the day change without explanation this may be the reason why. I would like to add that I hope people take from this information that when buying food from other users, paying more than a unit conversion of 1 silver = 1 food is overpaying.

Note: As said, the feedings are automatic and the items/silver are taken without you having to do anything. But this is no reason to worry about going on hiatus(vacation) and coming back to find your silver is gone; the food/silver will only be used for feeding when you log on. If you are not active for that day then the feeding will not take place. Your pets can not get hungry, starve, or die.

Types of Food

There are 6 different food types in the game. They are::

  • = Animal Carbs
  • = Animal Fats
  • = Animal Proteins
  • = Plant Carbs
  • = Plant Fats
  • = Plant Proteins

Each biotype has a unique set of items that give food that can be found in them, and these foods each give you around 20 of its corresponding food type in the Warehouse.


  • (Honey) = Animal Carbohydrates
  •  (Pork) =
  •  (Sunflower Seeds) = Plant FatsAnimal Carbohydrates
  •  (Soybeans) =
  •  (Rabbit Meat) = Animal Proteins
  •  (Wheat) =


  • (Sea Lettuce) = Plant Proteins
  • (Reptile Eggs) = Animal Proteins
  • (Magenta Cactus) =
  • (Redstripe Salmon) = Animal Fats
  • (Honeybag Ants) = Animal Carbohydrates
  • (Desert Olive) = Plant Fats


  • (Blue-Crested Pheasant) = Animal Proteins
  • (Sorghum) = Plant Carbohydrates
  • (Spotted Pig) = Animal Fats
  • (Sunflower Seeds) = Animal Carbohydrates
  • (Honey) = Animal Carbohydrates


  • (Tropical Quail) = Animal Proteins
  • (Tropical Honey Ants) Animal Carbohydrates
  • (Oilyberries) = Plant Fats
  • (Spotted Tapir) = Animal Fats
  • (Ripe Fruits) = Plant Proteins
  • (Ground Pear) = Plant Proteins

Fun Fact:: In the desert, you will sometimes find 1-2 Redstripe Salmon in the chests found behind Guardians. Whose bright idea was it to stuff fish inside of a chest? If it was alive at the time then that is cruel; if it was dead, how is it still edible?

Diet Composition

Found on each pet's page on the left side is where you can find your pet's Diet Composition. It consists of 6 parts, each corresponding to 1 of the food items, and each food affects a certain characteristic.

  • Animal Fats = Strength
  • Plant Proteins = Agility
  • Animal Proteins = Courage
  • Animal Carbs = Intelligence
  • Plant Fats = Constitution
  • Plant Carbs = Intuition

As mentioned in Pet Feeding, each pet eats 18 pounds of food a day. Each pound is represented by a star in the Diet Composition; you have 18 of these stars to distribute between the 6 food types, with each one capable of having a maximum of 5 stars. To increase 1 type you must decrease another.

Redistributing the stars in your pet's diet helps to determine what characteristics your pet will develop. Your pet's characteristics grow with each level your pet gains; 6 points are randomly distributed between the 6 characteristics per level. You can use your pet's diet to help increase the chance of these points being given to the characteristic you want to develop.

Magic Food

Magic Food items can be bought in the Premium Shop for 1 gold each or can be found while exploring in chests, boss temples, and the shop. There are 6 Magic Foods, each one affecting a certain characteristic, and feeding these foods to your pet will increase the stat that goes with it. This is different than the Diet in how the points are guaranteed to be given to that characteristic while with the Diet you can only increase the chances of this happening.

  • Glowshroom = Intuition
  • Dragon Maple = Agility
  • Nutpea = Intelligence
  • Cactus Melon = Constitution
  • Heart Fruit = Courage
  • Bamboo Berries = Strength

You are only able to increase your pet's characteristics by 50 points each with Magic Food. Each Food can give a bonus of 1-3 points, but the closer you are to reaching that 50 point cap the least likely you are to get more then 1 point per fruit.


**Special thanks to Nightingale for providing the image below as a visual aide to show the components of the Diet Composition and all her help in contributing information to this guide.
**Special thanks to Monues for allowing me to use her Island Guides as a reference for what foods are found where and what they supply you with + the images.

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Posted at 2015-01-20 04:54:08 — Link

Reserving this spot for images.... :D

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Posted at 2021-01-08 18:00:24 — Link

So would I add more stars to a Green number thats in correlation to like agility or courage or a red number thats in correlation? 

Ex. Agility 53, Courage (Green) 76, Intelegence (Red) 45. Where would I put the most points at?


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Posted at 2021-05-19 09:50:24 — Link

Is there an island link gifts more food than any other?

I'm looking for 4 Money tree saplings.

I am interested in getting The lily hopper And a sunflower and fields.  I'm interested in buying other hoppers. I have a lilac and a Albino lop to trade.

Selling vermilion and tack apparel.

I'm looking for townhall 5 and Stables level 2 Blueprints. I want living wood.

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