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This Board is for roleplays and roleplay requests only. 

Please make your title relavent to the topic of roleplay and also indicate the status of the the thread (is it open, private, closed, accepting new users, or are you simply seeking a private roleplay or a roleplay partner?)

Feel free to use abbreviations to indicate the status of your post: 

[O] - Open

[A] - Accepting new members

[C] - Closed... Roleplay is done accepting new members but is active

[P] - Private (Meaning unless you are in this thread, do not post)

[M] - Mature (While Beastkeeper does not allow posts that contain a sexual or violent nature, if you feel the content could be sensitive (but not violate any rules), or you are hoping to attract a more "mature" or experienced audience please use this. Please note that this does not give you the ability to post mature (sexual/violent) content! Only that you are seeking to have a "mature" user base.

 When joining a new post please be sure to check if the thread is still active and the users have been online recently. Please do not gravedig old threads. 


Firstly, everyone must follow the general forum rules ( 

By posting anything on BeastKeeper forums, you agree to follow the rules and guidelines below:

1. Treat other members respectfully. No trolling or harrasment of other members.
2. Don't use bad language on the forum. Also please avoid chatspeak.
3. No spamming and flooding. Don't create pointless posts/threads. If you have nothing to say, it's better to say nothing. Bumping topics considered as spam / flood too, unless the last post made on the thread was 24 hours old AND the thread is not on the first page. 
4. Don't add new posts after your own post unless bumping (24 hours after the last post in your thread). Please edit your post if you want to add something to it. 
5. No extensive smiley or character repetition, caps lock, misuse of big and colored fonts. Please avoid any formatting that makes eyes hurt.
6. Respect copyrights. No art theft.
7. No pornography, violence, adult content etc. Let's keep this place friendly.
8. The actions and decisions of administration are not for dispute. Please voice your concerns in a polite manner. Game-wide analysis of the issue that concerns you and suggested ways to solve it without ruining the balance and game concept is a great way to be heard and considered.
9. Before posting a suggestion or a bug, please check if someone did not report/suggest it before you. We would like to avoid spamming the forums with  doubles. Bugs and issues that are not resolved are staying up in the Bugs thread until there's a fix, decision or rebuttal for them.
10. Please write your posts in English so everyone can understand you. The only exclusion is International board.
11. Don't beg for free pets, items or coins.

When user breaks a rule for the first time, they receive a warning. 3 warnings will put you to Silence mode. Users who are breaking rules  despite of warnings may be banned. Breaking rules 1 and 7, 8 may result in an instant banwithout warnings.


General Roleplay Information

If you have never roleplayed before then there are some things you should know. Please note these are not mandatory, but are general rules and info that often go unsaid. This information is intended for people who are new to roleplaying, not a rule of thumb.

There are some basic abbreviations that people use to indicate the difference between reality and the roleplay:

OOC - This means out of chacter, and is the user posting not as their character but as themself. 

BIC - Back in Character, roleplay has resumed! 

A good roleplay thread (especially one openly accepting users) starts with a information filled background story. This describes the setting and the general events that have lead up to the roleplay (if any). Generally users also post a form for users to fill out their character, so everyone knows who is who, or a list of chatacters that have preset personalities and attributes that people "claim" as their own. You are able to do whatever you please. You are roleplaying and making up your own world! 

There are a couple unspoken rules in the roleplaying world though...

In general it is not good sportsmanship to roleplay another person's character. 

ie: Sasha easily dodged Lyla's attack by dodging to the side. She sprang off a rock and came down on Lyla with the full force of her body. Grabbing a tuft of Lyla's amber fur in her mouth she pulled. Lyla tried to buck her off but was unsucessful and Sasha held on until Lyla submitted. 

In this scenario you are Sasha and the other person is Lyla... See what happened? The beginning of the post is fine, but the last sentance is not because you moved the other player. This is made even worse because it was a critical move that determined the outcome of the battle.


Another general rule of thumb when roleplaying is not to "Mary-Sue". Mary-Sueing is when you make the "perfect" chatacter. One that has no weaknesses, and is always coming out on top. A good roleplay has elements of reality, which means that characters are rarely well balanced. What makes it interesting is watching characters deal with or overcome weaknesses. 


Posts that are very short or do not give the next poster any prompting or anything to base the next post on are kinda... well... not very fun. No one wants to roleplay if a person is giving a few vague sentances as a response. A good roleplay should encompass all your senses (sight, smell, taste, touch, sounds and such). Really get in your characters' heads and become them. Be them. That is after all the point of roleplay. It is like making a story with other people. It can be a very fun way to interact with users and get your creative juices flowing!

Here are some helpful resources: 

What Not To Do, EVER! aka The Roleplaying Sins

Ash's guide to  RPG Personality and Background


The Roleplay Academy



-More to come. Feel free to post suggestions. 

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