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Posted at 2013-11-25 05:45:02 — Link

This is a roleplay about fighting Darkness  the evil fox


The characters are here and you must fill out a form




Eye color:

Wings: (only if your a fox or for an exception Likarnia and Firewing)



And the characters are


Hermione: (Brown Fox) Mine.

Dawn: (Black Fox) Also mine.

Sincono: (Racoon)

Likarnia: (Wolf)

Sandokian: (Fox)

Firewing: (Dragon)

Darkness: (Fox)

Sodoku: (Rabbit)

Sindoka: (Snowy Owl)

and i'm pretty sure that's it


I'm writing a book about this. and you may have two characters an oc and an actual character

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Posted at 2013-11-27 04:07:43 — Link

I wood like to be firewing then  dragon


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