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The Cold Ones

In the year 2015, our story is set. I am a vampire, Many are vampires, not that any mortal would know that. "Something big is coming," that's what we always say, that's what we always say, and we never stop saying... We say we don't know what is coming, but we have always known. The flood. The newborns. Hundreds of them. The younger vampires not yet used to their limited iimortality. There is no normal life in Alaska. No sunny days. Us concealed vampires, we have to settle our differences, we have to defend the attacked mortals. We have to stand up and fight. Or no one ever will... Is this enough? To hunt on the blood of animals, and to leave mortals in peace? We are the worlds most dangerous predators. ... we could do whatever we please. Why do we protect the humans? Why defend them when they are going to die later? The answer is of course, because they are going to die later. We need to keep them safe...


•No OOC unless it is important please. •Please keep you character in good form and stay devoted. •Post forms here and do NOT start roleplaying until I close form acception and start the roleplay. •No strong sexual themes or drug use, (apart from a soft wine mention.) •Please remember no character is perfect, and you cannot play a human unless you ask and plan on being transformed later on. •Even if you hate twilight, think twilight please :3 •Everyone has a speacial gift or power. •Please provide a good description or image. •Remember vampires have wonderful senses, and can run extremely fast. •Vampires have black eyes when bloodthirsty, gold when satisfied, and red when in a strong defensively mode. •They have no heartbeat, are icecold to humans and icecold to vampires but the hot touch of a human is very pleasurable. •Sunlight makes their skin glimmer like tiny diamonds. •They are stronger than they might appear. •They don't eat breathe or sleep. •Vampires cannot bear children. •Please do not kill humans lol. •Newborns are insanely blood thirsty. (They go to Whitmore Highschool, in Alaska where the sun barely shines.)

.:The Vampires:.

Scarlette: By Canoodle The Mind-Reader

Hunter: By Canoodle The silencing touch





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