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Posted at 2013-06-27 16:31:40 — Link

A place untouched by humans hands but there dreams there lives the fairy creatures. Dogs with rainbow coats and cats with butterfly wings. These animals fairys in they're own right.

Rules crossbreeds (half dog half cat) 

2. No fighting same character love

4.respect everyone

5. Be sure to stay with this rp who knows where it will go?

6. There's four royal courts two main rulers then the rulers children and nobles







Powers:(just no shooting rainbows or pooping cupcakes please)

Royal or no:


Animal: Winged cat
Looks:Star has purple eyes with a black and gray coat. Her markings look like stars and even glow at night. Her wings are black with swirls of dark purple and green.
Personality: Star is a shy feline who loves the forest. Playing with her friends always fun. She is a lover not a fighter. And she dreams of finding the perfect guy to be with
Powers:star of course can fly because of her wings but she also can create other worlds for herself and friends to go in and play...,or be alone. 
Royal or no: she's a princess 
Other: she's about four human years but cat years yeah

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Posted at 2013-12-04 07:23:15 — Link

Name: Storm

Animal: Winged cat

Looks: Storm has glowing green eyes and has a dark grey almost black coat tipped with white his wings are black with dark blue lightning streaks

Personality: Storm is brave and protective of the people he loves but he's usally looking for a fight

Mate: None

Royal: No

Other: Was raised by the rainbow dogs

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