Posted at 2023-09-01 04:28:11 — Link

Figured Id make a new intro since it's been so many years! Not a lot of players left but I missed my creatures!

Spent too much time trying to figure out the family trees I had made, and the battlefield now is...something o_o

Any advice for getting back into things? I think the last time I was online apparel was just released. Are trades and breeding projects harder now that there aren't many people online?

Edit: OMG I JUST FOUND MY OLD SKINS HELP - I've gone from a hobbyist to a part-time job as an artist and I've had so much improvement, I'm crying over the old art jskfjd

Currently in trades:


  • Level 50 Deviant Gryphon
    Deviant Dragon (DG2)
  • Almost perfect Lykos (GP3)
  • Almost perfect Cockatrice (GP3)


  • Vermillion (batches of 10, higher quantities negotiable)
  • Hibernating Egg
  • 100+ Clay Stone and Wood