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  • KittySnatcher
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Posted at 2023-07-04 21:40:12 — Link

Well, I think the title is pretty self explanatory,. -KittySnatcher

"Really great people can make you feel that you too can become great"

I offer breeding for ridiculously low prices 

Players have given to me, and in turn I wish to give to the players. 


  • OceanTempest
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Posted at 2023-08-28 03:29:57 — Link

I'm currently trying to breed deviant gryphons with genetic potential, good genes and higher stats. I read your profile and saw that you are also trying to breed deviant gryphons, so maybe we have similar goals?

At the moment I have small handful of gp2 and gp3 gryphons I may be willing to stud/offer for breeding if you'd like. Also, my first gryphon deviant was born today!  

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