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Posted at 2022-07-20 23:16:11 — Link

this is not really something that hinders the completion of the tutorial, but it was a little irritating...
If you try to open the "more info on (x)"  (x = whatever the current tutorial quest is trying to teach you) the pop-up window is overlayed by the main directionary bar if your window is scrolled up to the top (it scrolls with the window, so you can still read the whole thing when you scroll down, but it´s still a little irritating and it took me some time to find out...)
Not something game-breaking, but something I feel would be better if the main directionary would not overlay that pop-up...
(sorry for my less than ideal English, it´s not my native language.^^)

  • Angel
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Posted at 2022-07-31 22:40:53 — Link

Thank you for reporting! This is something that definitely needs a fix. Looks like our library for overlays became outdated and started to conflict with other parts of the site. Though it may require a bit of time, I'll try to track and fix all the code that doesn't work properly as soon as I can.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

By the way your English is great :) 

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