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Seeing as I am pretty much done with my own projects, I thought I would open up most of my females to breeding requests.

Please keep in mind that the majority of my pets are GP3 with ideal dominant genes and not bred for pattern/color. This is meant to help you establish your own lines and/or help breed fresh blood into your lines.

How it will work is you will pick out one of my females (or several if you want different species) that you want me to breed for you. You can pick amongst my males, choose an available stud (at your expense), or one of your males (I will put in a breeding request with the desired female).


1. My favorites and free tabs are off-limits.

Everything else is available.

2. Do not sell/pound the baby that was bred for you.
If I find this is being abused, I will stop this service. I understand if you no longer want the baby after some time.

3. I will not take inbreeding requests.
I do not like to inbreed my pets and I will let you know if inbreeding will result.

4. Pick a GP3 or level 50 GP2 male.
This is a personal preference as I like my girls to breed GP3 babies. My males meet this requirement (except for 2 of my dragons).

5. All stud fees are your responsibility. Throdama pheromones are your responsibility if requesting a morph.
Breeding my females to my males is free. Any stud fees are expected when the baby is ready to be sent to you. If you want a throdama morph, you will have to provide 1 - 3 throdama with the required pheromone ready to be used. They will be sent back once they have completed their task.

6. I will not repeatedly breed the same species together.
This is meant to help with your breeding line, not get all your ideal pets of a specific species. I don't mind breeding for a couple of babies of each species for you or rebreeding while keeping any babies that did not get the genes you were hoping for (stud fees are still your responsibility for failures unless I deem the failure a perfect).

7. I will not breed deviants for you.
If the baby happens to come out a deviant, lucky you!

8. Your account must be at least a week old (subject to change).
There is no maximum account age.

I may add more rules if I feel they are needed.

Please note that I am not very active. I try to check in at least once a day. If there is more than 1 request for a specific female, I will go in the order recieved. I will only hold your requested baby for a week once it is ready if you need to make room.

Please post all requests here.

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Breeding requests: