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Poll: Does apparel previews in trades affect you at all, or your buying?

2 votes / 67%
0 votes / 0%
I don't buy/use apparels.
1 votes / 33%
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  • Wisteria
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Posted at 2022-02-04 20:47:35 — Link

Edit: Previews work in auction house, just not item exchange.


Artists have the ability to upload custom apparels. (Big yay!) They can set an icon to represent the apparel, but it almost always only shows a small portion of the apparel. This is a problem with the apparel is larger than what fits in the chosen preview icon, such as a full body apparel.


If an apparel was set to private by the author, there isn't a way to see the apparel in the tack workshop unless the description includes an image of it in use or a link to a pet wearing it. (I'm fairly sure there's no way to fully preview.) Or, the buyer has seen the apparel in use somewhere else.


If an author wants to sell their private apparel for a fair price, users buying the apparel are guessing at what it might actually look like. I'd love to be able to click on it in the item exchange to see it.


I think the easiest way to impliment the change if possible, would be to either have a popup that is identical to the one in the tack workshop, (showing the apparel worn on a white animal) when the apparel's representive icon is clicked, or to have a clickable 'Preview' text that when clicked, creates the preview popup.


I'm not sure if it would be as easy as pointing to ID's and formatting, or require too involved work, but it's a thought. Thanks for reading!

  • Wisteria
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Posted at 2022-02-04 20:54:08 — Link

I realized also after posting that the auction house/item exchange portion of the site is probably treating the apparel like any other item, and would need to know that it needs to distinguish something as not being an item like any other, which may not be easy (at all) to do. Even if pointers exist. 

Maybe the preview could automatically be added to the description of apparels on upload, because the description is visible to everyone when the item is clicked in trades, depending how the preview is generated.  And then the description that includes the preview is only present in trades, not in the tack workshop since that would be redundant.


What a headache.

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