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Hi I got $50 from my sponsor and I decided to get my mum a gift this thread will be a quick and easy way the find the perfect gift. I suggest customiserbal items like how I got my mum a mug and two small fridge magnets for $48.65¢ plus shipping good deal in my opinion plus they have completely you design pluss emojis and pictures and boarders and all sorts of stuff mum's gonna love it. This group is were we share good gift websites and stores. I got mine from a website called Zazzle it's awesome.

The seawings anthom.


Seawings oh seawings with scales green and blue.

Seawings oh seawings with scales pink and purple.

Seawings oh seawings with talons webed and sharp.

Seawings oh seawings with tails strong and large.

We live in seas or deepest blue.

Isolated from the contanent.

Delagated to protecting our queen.

But we're never really that content.

We are a proud old tribe of whale munchers.

But we really love our lunches.

A break with cake.

Or a salmon pie or two.

Seawings oh seawings I worship you.