Posted at 2021-11-12 05:48:29 — Link

I found this typo in my reports under Manor. Should be "your". It doesn't appear on my other discipline messages, so I guess that it might be only for 3 maneuvers changed or stinky cloud messages. It also appears on the Battlefield page's reports.

The enemy squad casts a stinky cloud.
The discipline of you squad (New Squad?) weakens. 3 maneuver(s) changed.
Edit: Update -- Just got this message from Reports, so I don't think the 3 maneuver(s) changed message is the problem.
The discipline of your New Squad? squad weakens. 3 maneuver(s) changed.

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  • Level 50 Deviant Gryphon
    Deviant Dragon (DG2)
  • Almost perfect Lykos (GP3)
  • Almost perfect Cockatrice (GP3)


  • Vermillion (batches of 10, higher quantities negotiable)
  • Hibernating Egg
  • 100+ Clay Stone and Wood