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Posted at 2021-10-26 21:25:59 — Link

@ Angel

I ran the Chrome caches deletes, then CCleaner on with all check boxes marked for all browsers  as well as everything else, checked the registry for path conflicts and after that ran my Java applets delete. Nothing is left in the caches. And it stilll had the glitch.



Not keen on random PMs. I might answer you, but I probably won't.

  • Mascot51
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Posted at 2021-10-26 21:28:25 — Link

So, I'm going over to felisfire or flightsrising after I check my pets and depending on how long it takes ya'll to fix this you might or might not make money on me this month.


Pity, until I saw this, you were first in line.

Not keen on random PMs. I might answer you, but I probably won't.

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Posted at 2021-10-27 05:38:59 — Link

Thank you for reporting!

This is weird. Unfortunately, I can't reproduce this. According to the logs, our payment provider didn't have any downtime recently. There's no Java in the payment widget, so it's not the culprit for sure. It's just an iframe that loads a page from the server of our payment provider.

I may guess that something blocks 3rd party widgets on the client side. Do you use any browser plugins or software that block offsite resources? Like adblock, privacy badger, firewall or something similar. Depending on the configuration, they may block everything coming from other domains. If it's not the case, then probably our payment provider did have unregistered downtime but now they fixed whatever caused it.

Sorry for the inconveniece!

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