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Posted at 2021-06-18 22:32:55 — Link

I had an entire batch of throdamas come out with genes that neither of the parents have. Does degeneration have a chance of mutating positive genes into negative ones?

Throdama 1: Has elemental vulnerability while parents have Thick Skin/Normal Skin and Normal Skin/Thick Skin.

Throdama 2: Has clumsy paws while parents have agile paws/agile paws and agile paws/nimble legs.

Throdama 3: (Same as Throdama 2, has clumsy paws while parents have agile/nimble)

Throdama 4: Has a red stat when parents can't produce one.

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Posted at 2021-06-18 23:08:09 — Link

Yup, degeneration causes bad genes. Hence why it's such a battle to avoid it. Degen is only for relatives in three generations, so yay for great great grandfathers I guess.

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