Posted at 2021-06-13 17:02:13 — Link

Hi. There aren't a lot of throdama males up for public breed and avoiding inbreeding requires tremendous patience to buy new throdamas over time or get really really lucky in the pound.


So far I've managed over 3 weeks to breed an -almost- perfect few females from an 'okay' foundation girl. These could throw perfect results with the right male, but I'm out of public males (that don't have outrageous stud fees) available.


Target gene set:
Acute Eyesight
Agile Paws
Steel Muscles
Thick Skin
Large Mandibles
Ideally a male that is perfect or only one/two genes off perfect.

I'm offering custom apparel delivered crafted to you (I will design the apparel for you from scratch, then send you a copy of the game item), delivered custom background(s), breeds to deviants in my Deviant Barn, pet trades including throdamas/unused pheromones or special throdamas, premium items, and silver. For examples, search Wisteria in apparel/skins to see my uploaded work. There is a private example on my profile.

An example single breeding fee could be 1 magic food per breeding, then a rainbow jar for a perfect result on top of the original decided upon fees. Or one custom elaborate apparel/background made for you, for 5 breeding attempts. Or just 7k silver each if you like simple. :)

Please send me a PM if you have a throdama available to breed to. Thank you!


Looking for: GP3 Throdama Male (see profile), GP3 Spotted Red Puma Male