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Posted at 2021-04-26 09:41:35 — Link

Okay, so I rolled a Theory of Chaos and the description of the tactic says, that your opponent can't use any other tactic than Theory of Chaos, but somehow my opponent's Hold the Line activated? I'm confused and slightly enraged since this is the one thing which caused my loss, because it seems like it's somehow bypassed the condition which prevents your opponent from activating any other tactic? Because according to ToC's description that shouldn't be possible.

I went and reread the maneuver description, and I can't figure out why the HtL would be able to activate, because as soon as the ToC is active it should cancel out any other maneuver, as I understand it. As for rolling the same or less amount of movements, this doesn't stop an enemy ToC from activating while also activating your ToC as long as you roll the required movements, so you clearly don't need to fulfill both conditions to activate it. 

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Posted at 2021-05-03 22:35:41 — Link

The screenshot looks fine to me. Both you and your opponent have 3 Movement maneuvers. You need to have more Movement maneuvers than your opponent for the cancellation of their tactics.

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