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Posted at 2021-01-25 01:08:46 — Link

For some reason all but two friends are not on the friend list! I had two pages, some that are missing include QUEENGLORY, Undergrowth, Alexa7755, Firehawk, and arete, they did not unfriend me.
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Posted at 2021-01-26 01:20:29 — Link

I'm sorry to hear this happened! I see only one friend for your account in the database. I also see a lot of your past friend requests, so there's no doubt you had a lot of friends earlier. 

Are you sure nobody else has access to your account? If not, I'm just as confused about how this had happened. Unfortunately, we don't log changes to the friend list because we didn't have any issues with this feature earlier. Only outgoing friend requests are stored. The friend list feature is pretty simple and isn't connected to any other parts of the game, so I don't have any guesses what may have caused this problem. I understand this is going to be frustrating, but at this point I'm going to ask you to just re-send friend requests to everyone you'd like to see as your friend. I'm afraid we won't be able to find out what happened without additional data, which won't appear until someone else faces the same problem and maybe notices something that allows to reproduce it. Sorry that I can't be more helpful at this moment.

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