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Posted at 2020-11-21 19:51:50 — Link

(My actual questions are at the bottom, if you don't want to read all this and just want to answer)(Before i edit this it was copy and pasted from a google docs page, so if you remember it being weirdly formated, that is why)

My goal, I think like many, is to breed the perfect gened pets. Maybe turn that into a deviant program after but we'll see. I have been messing around with plans on what 'perfect' genes are for each species. In doing so however I have realized that in most cases there seems to be 2 different ideal types of perfect pets. The Speedster and the Tank. (My pets are in for a reorganization, before i had it listed as Speed/Brute)

In just about every other breeding sim I've been around the strongest pets are the ones that specialize. Example: High Attack, High Speed, Zero Defense of the Pokemon games. Following that same logic here we get these stats:

Speedster: The point of the Speedster build is to inflict as much damage as quickly as possible so as to take as few hits as possible. Mainly because you can't take many hits. Also for here, i have made it builld for the trickster genes. 

Tank: Like the name implies, is a wall. No fuss or Tricks. Just there to cause as much damage as possible, can take hits. 


Speedster: Muscial Beak, Acute Eyesight, Quickmind, Agile Paws, Steel Bones, Gracefulness, Lionheart, Sharp Feathers

Obviously, the Counter Strike ability plays a large role in the Speedster build. The ability to give yourself an extra attack for a turn is key for that. Muscial Beak gives you the chance for a free attack with no return attack. Gracefulness, because again, we don't want hits, also makes the chance for the Counter Strike abiltiy to kick in larger. For Gryphons; Acute Eyesight, Steel Bones, and Lionheart are jsut the best genes for those categories. 

Tank: Massive Beak, Acute Eyesight, Berserker, Spurs, Steel Bones, Steel Muscles, Lionheart, Sharp Feathers

We just want straight damage for this build so Massive Beak it is. Berserker is particularly good here as it gets better the more turns things last. Agilty is for Dodging and Accuracy, which we don't need as much in the build so instead use Spurs for straight damage increase. The same argument for Steel Muscles.

Other pets builds mostly follow this same logic.

Pumas: (Pretty much Identical to Gryphons)

Speedster: Musical Larynx, Acute Eyesight, Quickmind, Agile Paws, Steel Bones, Gracefulness, Lionheart, Elemental Resistance

Tank: Sabor-Tooth, Acute Eyesight, Berserker, Silent Pace, Steel Bones, Steel Muscles, Lionheart, Thick Skin

See Question section below about Elemental Resistance/Thick Skin


Speedster: Magic Horn, Acute Eyesight, Quickmind, Agile Paws, Steel Bones, Gracefulness, Regeneration, Fragerance

Tank: Diamond Horn Acute Eyesight, Determind, Massive Hooves, Steel Bones, Steel Muscles, Regeneration, Magic Mirror

I have serious questions about how a Diamond horn affects bite strength, lol. I put Determind to prevent tricks, but Quickmind would also work. 


Speedster: Fire Gland, Acute Eyesight, Quickmind, Agile Paws, Steel Bones, Spitting Muscle, Napalm Gland, Robust Scales

Yep, the Fire Strike Dragon is the Speedster, mainly because it requires 3 different genes we could be using for straight damage in the tank build.

Tank: Double Incisors, Acute Eyesight, Fearsome Look, Sharp Claws, Steel Bones, Steel Muscles, Boiling Blood, Robust Scales

Quickmind could work in place of Fearsome Look. It is a unique pretty good sounding Dragon gene so I wanted to use it somewhere. Boiling Blood is just Berserker for dragons. 

Cockatrice: The most interesting creature gene wise. There NEEDS to be two builds for this one and they are less Speedster/Tank and more Acid Strike and 'You are now Poisoned' builds

Acid Strike: Acid Gland, Acute Eyesight, Quickmind, Agile Paws, Steel Bones, Spitting Muscle, Regeneration, Stench

Stench helps the Counter Strike ability, so it would be a shame to break up that combo

Poison: Poisonus Teeth, Petrifying Gaze, Quickmind, Poisonus Claws, Steel Bones, Steel Muscles, Regeneration, Venomous Skin

When using ANY of your moves, Bite, Rush or Blow there is a 50% chance of poisoning the opponent. Venmous Skin makes it so there is a 20% chance of the opponent getting poisoned everytime it attacks you. There is a reason I called this the 'You are now Poisoned' build. There aren't as many attack buffs happening in this build compared to other Tank builds. This build relies on that poison for extra damage instead. Petrifying Gaze can be replaced by Acute Eyesight, I put it down because i wanted that build to be as much like Cockatrice lore as possible. 

Lastly, are the Rocs (No Symurghs, Lykos, or Throdama. I can't get multitudes of wild pets needed for a project so i am ignoring them except for buying pretty GP3 pets to be Island explorers)

Rocs: *Sigh*

There is really only one build for these guys. The reason being the Internal Organ Gene. The only beneficial option is Electric Gland. And the only way for Electric Gland to be any good is paired with Steel Beak. Meaning Muscial Beak and Massive Beak get thrown out if we want something other then Normal Organs in Internal Organs gene. Which is SO frustrating! Muscial Beak, Massive Wings, and Sharp Feathers would be a great Speedster Combo!

  • Muscial Beak: When using Rush there is a 40% chance of opponent missing the turn.
  • Massive Wings: When using Rush there is a 30% chance of opponent missing the turn
  • Sharp Feathers: Rush Damage increased 45%

Just spam Rush! I call this the Dodge/Rush combo. Opponent would almost never hit you and you are doing bonus damage. You can keep half the combo with Massive Wings and Sharp Feathers, but then you lose Counter Strike ability! It's like there are no perfect builds for these guys and that is sad because they are so beautiful!

Roc Build: Steel Beak, Acute Eyesight, Quickmind, Agile Paws or Massive Wings, Steel Bones, Steel Muscles, Electric Gland, Sharp Feathers.

So after I've covered all that


  1. Elemental Resistance: is it good? How does it work? Does the resist just mean less damage done? Or ineffective? Are the elemental abilities common enough for this to be beneficial? Should I make sure to include it more often in these builds?
  2. Rocs: What do you think I should use? Or something entirely different? A. Lightning Strike and Counter Strike, B. Lightning Strike and half of the Dodge/Rush Combo, or C. Full on Dodge Rush combo 
  3. Do you think any of these builds won't work? Or could be better with something else? Are there any of these genes that sound good but don't work in practice? Any other advice to give me?
  4. Unrelated: How many pets can i donate to SPSB a day and get portal cards back?

This was a really long post.... Thanks ahead of time for any advice and questions answered!

I will be selling pets later on, once the gene tree gets full enough to be worthwhile. I have zero plans to breed with studs listed (to keep track of who is related to who) so hopefully I can bring more unrelated perfect gened pets out there. 

Edit: why are spaces so weird??


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Posted at 2020-11-21 20:26:02 — Link

1 - Resistance has 40% chance of blocking an elemental attack, iirc. It's not immensely useful, but it's ok against those nasty ice breath beasts. 

My favourite combo in the whole game is cockatrices with acid attack, acute eyesight, quickmind, poisonous claws, steel bones, regeneration, and venomous skin. The acid regen poison trifeecta is so powerful. Even if your poisons don't activate, you've got acid attacks and regen in your corner.

I am looking forward to Tundra, because I want to test my "tank" unicorns, as you call them, against wild etelia. Because speedster unis don't work against them at all (magic horn has no effect).  So I'll be interested to see what I get.

2 - With rocs, lightning strike, massive wings and sharp feathers are pretty good. Massive wings is one of the few things that can make an etelia miss a turn.

Pumas with sabretooth and silent pace and lionheart are amazing.

However I still favour a perfect lykos with ice breath, acute eyesight, quickmind, agile paws, steel bones, hound, and ice aura (useless against etelia, but potent against anything else)

Genes that are a bit disappointing? Magic mirror. If only it occurred with a 50% chance or higher. 


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Posted at 2020-11-21 23:05:23 — Link

Elemental Resistance fills a particular niche, which is a gene you want when you know what your opponent is (an elemental attack beast) or you can choose your opponent. It's not a good overall gene but is good at what it counters - it completely blocks the damage of an elemental attack.

The main build for rocs (electric, massive wings, sharp feathers) far outshines the other builds due to the stun+sharp feathers bonus. I've only bred CS rocs for my squads, but even then CS lykos with ice breath is better suited for that.

In my experience Stench/Fragrance are absolutely useless. Their buffs don't show particularly well versus high-stat pets which are likely to land a hit regardless. As arete mentioned above, Acid+poison claws+poison skin is the best cockatrice build and outshines the all poison combo because of the 2 shot potential, even against regen beasts, and poison can't kill off an enemy, only weaken them.

I've been breeding lots of double deviant perfect gryphons as of late and I've found that Musical+Second Breath is quite powerful. Since Musical has the added Feathers bonus, you can spam rush and either get the damage in or a stun. Second Breath can't be reflected by Magic Mirror and works 1/5 regardless of any attack. Gracefulness is outshone by Steel Muscles here since you can buff Strength with magic foods. Check out my Tundra tab for some pets I've bred that are either a) fill a niche against elementals or b) are good overall, and you can decide from there.


Also, you can send max 5 pets per day to SPSB for 5 flow cards each so 25 cards per day.

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