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  • Bloodmoon919
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Posted at 2020-11-18 02:15:05 — Link

plz pm me. 

Ok i dont exsatctly know whare im at on the rp ranking sorta thing. I can do up to exlest a paragraph if given a good detailed reply to work off yeah.

id perfuer to do a romance rp. Its the rp ik how to do.

i will probuly be doing like "ik" and "bc" insted of the real thing bc it macks it easyer on me. Im also not the best speller.

ok what am i looking for? You ask?

well here it is

  • i perfuer if it can be romance based(fxm only)
  • i play female only
  • fantice if posbule
  • animals only (im vary confturbul with playing animals)
  • im adictied to warrior cats. I can do a wolf pack rp,undertail(the only time i will play human/furry),you can sugest some more to me and we can give it a go if i agree
  • plot is a must
  • no one liners
  • plz be able to start .i cant im tarbule at it. I also go by the rule "you ask you start"
  • plz be able to play male

and thats about it. Plz pm me

  • kayla16
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Posted at 2020-11-19 18:25:12 — Link

i would mine doing on if you dont mind and im not the best speller either lol 

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