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You CAN breed Pumas, however, they aren't very good in my status, trying to work up for them. PLEASE DON'T SEND YOU REQUEST HERE, I WILL NOT SEE IT, PRIVATE CHAT ME!!!! I only have two Throdamas of both genders (If you send me a girl of your pets that you would like to breed, I can send you the outcome when it's out of childhood, and let you know when it's born. One of the best things I have is a color only deviant, which is a dragon. (Janely) However, to make a deviant, you need two Homozygous skins (Female more or less than male) I do have one of these skins as a female, named Ty Lee, if you want the color deviant dragon I have, I think I might be able to breed it again for you, it just depends. I also DO have some sales, if you see any duplicate skins, feel free to PM (Private message) me about that as well! here's a link if you don't know what I'm talking about. 




1. DO NOT spam me, I will not answer your stuff, and will honestly just delete it

2. Please be respectful to me, and to other people, if someone asked for the breeding offer you wanted first, you will, unfortunately, have to wait.

3. I am a full-time student, so I don not check this site between the hours of 8 A.M to 4 P.M please be patient, I should get to you by the end of the day on the day you send something

4. I do not tolerate bullying of ANY kind, if I catch any of it, you will automatically be reported

5. No, means no, please do not try and argue with me about why you should get something, or some crap like that, I will ignore it.

6. If you do not want the pet which should not happen because YOU asked for it, please return it, DO NOT pound it

7. Have a great time, and have fun!

Sincerely, HelloDarknessMyOldFriend2!