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Ok so I had a really good friend on another game and I got discord because he had it and I have a better phone now so..

I play hayday, dragon simulater, wild craft, and merge dragons 

The server! It's not fancy yet but it should be soon I'ma try >-< I've never made a server before

No bullying!!! I won't allow it and no dirty things either, thank you! (The server will mostly have roleplay and for other people, art spoilers for custom skins hopefully.. however I don't make custom skins I don't have anything to make them with but I'm really interested in them!)

Im FireAuraDragon, I changed my name for personal reasons :)

Slayer of the Auras and Queen of the Land of Phoenix

Alexas Writing Contest! (Giving Out Prizes)

Also a Deviant and GP3 Breeder!

The Fire Market- Custom Deviant Breeding!

On To The Pet Shows!

The Current Show Is A Deviant Gryphon Show!