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Hello there! I am new to this site and have only just began exploring other sections than just my lions haha. I am a writer and let me tell you, it has been a hot minute since I have written something. However I am starting again and roleplaying has always helped me sharpen those skills. And its just fun!! Let me stop rambling and cut to the chase hehe. Since its been almost a year since I rped last, I don't want to join any group or large roleplays. I am willing to roleplay in the private messages here or in Discord. I literally just got a discord account 2 seconds before writing this sentence so please be patient while I learn the ropes lol. All I know about my username on Discord is that it's FlamingScars#0617         ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I am a literate roleplayer, my posts are usually one or two paragraphs unless I have roleplayers block or just feel lazy lol. I don't have requirements in that sense, as long as you aren't responding with one-liners every time haha.

I am 16 years old but I am very mature and can handle mature themes and language quite well.

I absolutely love romance when it comes to roleplaying and writing in general. I am literally such a romantic. Just ask my boyfriend lmao. Not to sound homophobic but I prefer roleplaying straight couples. I honestly don't know how to roleplay fxf or mxm heh. I mean I will try my damn hardest but I can't promise anything good will come of it. Actually it would be good practice for a part in my novel lol. Chapter 3 is going to feature a boisterous bisexual man who is secretly admired by a very dominant gay :)

I am good with roleplaying almost anything, as long as I have fairly decent knowledge about the topic. I can rp both animals and humans. And anything in between haha. I am kinda feeling an apocalypse love story tbh though. But I am alright with anything!

There you have it, just reply to this thread and I'll shoot you a PM. Or you can contact me first, either way works for me!! Tysm! I am also on Lioden and FlightRising if this post is familiar lol