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Selling custom recolors of this Lykos skin!



Option 1: simple changes (ice color, eye color, etc)

Option 2: more effort (custom fur color/pattern)

Option 3: line and base changes (environmental changes like wind or leaves, smaller accesories like necklaces or feathers, will charge more for large changes like armor)


Prices (italics represent discounted price by paying with that item)

Option 1: 25k silver

Can be paid with: Energy Drink, 50 Vermillion

Option 2: 150k silver

Can be paid with: 2 Rainbow Jars, Expand Stable Scroll, 250 Vermillion, or Squad Energy Pack

Option 3: 250-400k + silver

Expect 250 - 400k price, large changes like armor may cost more

Can be paid with: Mercenary Liscense, 1 Month Premium Subscription, 3 Rainbow Jars (small changes only), 500 Vermillion, 2 Squad Energy Pack (small changes only)

Other Payments:

    • accepting battlefield items as well, make offers
    • will accept event items in the future
    • pets offers closed, may look at perfect or close-to-perfect symurghs
    • accepting some materials, make offers

My Auctions (May have to scroll):