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  • Waveclaw
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Posted at 2019-11-17 17:23:29 — Link

I’m new around here, and therefore, have no pets with good stat.

I’d really appreciate if anyone can give me some pets, preferrably black pumas.

And if there’s a surplus of items, I’ll always be happy to take them!

Thabks in advance!

  • FireAuraDragon
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Posted at 2019-12-28 20:05:12 — Link

Hello welcome to the game im new too but i have couple of pets in the selling tab with good stats and I could give up to 3 of them for free if u want one of the babys I can send them to u when they grow up ^-^

If u are interested in any of my pets in the sales tab pm me an offer 

Sales range from 1000 to 10000 for regular skined pets and 20000 to 50000 for deviants (for double devs 30000 to 70000)


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