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  • DatFozzy
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Posted at 2019-11-09 23:34:35 — Link

I thought id make a new post since some looked old or eveyone already gave all the freebies away. 

Im a new player looking for some help, but id also like to help new players since my invintory is full and I dont have enought to build a wearhouse or second stable yet. 

Ill offer some pets for free that I was going to send to the pound when I have them. Or some items that I also dont have room for since I dont want to wait for them to sell. Or ill trade items for other stuff. 


Hopefully this helps c:



  • kb1518910
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Posted at 2019-11-11 01:07:53 — Link

I will help... for a price 

Deviant Puma Breeder

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