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I do purely gen(platonic) rp. If you're looking for something else you may as well leave now. However, if you want romance between your own characters who am I to stop you?

About me: 

+4 BK time

Literate/semi literate. I can give a good paragraph or two each reply given I get a paragraph or two to respond to.

Don't usually do fandom rp(read, never) but am willing to try.

Fandoms I'd be willing to try:

- BnHA

- Tokyo Ghoul(pre-RE. Not caught up eheh)

- AoT(pre-s3. Again, not caught up lol)

Reply time depends on platform. Here you can expect pretty frequent replies. Discord you can expect near immediate replies, FR you can expect at least one reply every few days at least.


I would hope that a potential rp partner knows basic rp rules and such as well as has a decently reliable reply schedule(you can say how frequently you'll be able to reply and can inform me of an unexpected hiatus. It would be preferable if we could move to discord, but I work fine with pm, forum, or if you really want, FR. It would also be more convenient if our times matched up, but I get that that isn't always the case.

Please pm me if interested!

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