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To make it possible for us to fix the bug, please include the following information:

  1. Expected and observed results: what happened and what should happen instead?
  2. Clear description of the steps to reproduce the bug. What did you do? If applicable, try to reproduce it yourself before posting a bugreport.
  3. All details that will help to locate and reproduce the bug. For example:
    • pet link or ID in case if something is wrong with your pet
    • auction link or ID if you think that a specific auction is bugged
    • pet link or ID and approximate time of explore if something wrong happened on an island
  4. Screenshot of the bug if applicable.
  5. Your browser and OS version.

Please look through the actual bugs in the Bugs forum. Do not create a thread  duplicating a bug which is already reported. The duplicating threads will be removed. If you know additional details of the existing bug, please post them in that bug's thread.

The thread title must be clear and reflect the essense of the bug.
Bad examples
: "Strange bug", "Help please", "Annoying glitch".
Good examples: "Can't view pedigree on auctions", "Change Sex scroll doesn't work", "Training canceled and restarted, pet levels twice".

Please check first if the problem could be solved yourself. It may happen that it's not a bug but a browser cache issue, a server lag or problems with your internet connection or software configuration. Try clearing your browser cache and reproducing the bug after that. Check your browser and anti-malware settings and make sure that popups and client scripts are enabled for, so nothing interrupts the loading ofthe pageof alters the client scripts .

We can't fix a bug which we can't reproduce.

Please don't try to cheat and provide false information in order to get profit. We log almost everything that happens in the game, so cheating is easy to see. Players who intentionally provide false data will be banned.

This board is for bugs only; use Suggestions board for your ideas and thoughts about improvement of the current features.

Thanks for helping us to make BeastKeeper better!

Known Issues

  1. After performing a pet trade or exchange, the new pet doesn't appear in your stables. After deleting a group, pets from this group disappear. Occasionally the server needs some time to process these things. The maximum waiting time is 1 hour. How to fix yourself instantly: visit a missing pet through a direct link and update the pet's group. A direct link looks like this: You may find it in your  browser history, logs, messages, pedigrees etc.
  2. A manual battle ends as 0 / 0 hitpoints but the result is a win or a loss instead of a draw. This happens when one of the fighting pets actually has more or less than 0 hitpoints due to the abilities that regain or take health in percents (Regeneration, Napalm, Berserk etc). The result of the battle is correct but the visual part fails to represent this.
  3. The list of skins doesn't work if you don't have an active pet.
  4. Treasure chest and green portal are generated on the same tile in explore.
  5. A few minutes delay before scheduled tasks (giving birth, reaching adulthood, returning from quest etc.). The server processes scheduled tasks one by one. Sometimes it has more load and needs a bit of time to finish the current batch. The delayed processing doesn't alter other the scheduling of the next task. For example, if a child is to be born at 1:00 and actually appears in the game at 1:05, it will appear with with age of 5 minutes.