Posted at 2019-02-21 07:49:32 — Link

Looking to get some practice in. I'm rusty. These probably won't be anything big, because I drop long projects fairly quickly.

These will be pay what you want, or essentially I'm drawing/doodling for tips. I'd LOVE vermillion, liquid or regular. You can pay after your request is complete~

*One Request per person
*Completed art is not to be sold in any way for profit, use as personal use only.
*No art theft please.
*More rules may be added in the future.

*Original Characters, the weirder/more unique, the better.
*I LOVE merfolk, just not "The Little Mermaid" variety
*I love me some elegance

Prefer Nots:
*Incredibly specific specifics
*Cookie Cutter OC's

*Anything over PG13 rating
*Anything against the ToS
*Fetishes, no thank you.

I'm alright with attempting mecha, chararcter designs and backgrounds. Request at your own risk with the knowledge that I may butcher them or your vision of them. If there's anytihng not listed, please feel free to ask. I'll update the other lists as things come up.