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Posted at 2018-08-31 00:44:59 — Link

I want to sell custom skins for gold. I generally value my work at $10/hour, but that’s about 350 gold for my estimated 3-4 hours of work, which is crazy. As far as gold goes, I would price it at 20 gold pieces, but that’s only 50¢/hour. I could flip fries for 8. Granted, it is for something virtual, and the art isn’t tangible, but still, that’s...really low. What would be a good solution for this problem, as far as pricing goes?

WIP if anyone wants to suggest a price:

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Posted at 2018-08-31 18:42:44 — Link

You can't send people gold, either. So you'd have to look at which gold items you want. But absolutely make it a fair price. It just depends if people are able to pay it. This site doesn't have the traffic that it used to.

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