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Posted at 2018-05-08 04:34:49 — Link

I gave a DCA 100% To my Gryphon,, and bred her. I was expecting to get one of the owl-faced deviants, i was trying for an A1 B3 DEviant, as seen here in the gryphon section under the normal color deviant pattern section here: . This was her first time breeding, and i bred her with a deviant gryphon just for kicks. However, instead of recieving the adorable owl-faced baby i was desiring, i got this little gal. , As you can see there's no * by the color, and when i paid to see all her genes there was no star by the owl color. If i used the DCA 100, shouldn't my baby Gryphon be deviant?? I just want to know if I did something wrong or misunderstood something. Please help me :)

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Posted at 2018-05-09 15:01:21 — Link

The baby isn't homozygous for Owl gene. This couple indeed have a 50% chance of producing a baby with homozygous Owl gene, but this specific breeding resulted in a heterozygote. DCA doesn't alter the genetics of a baby. It only adds the deviance itself when all other requirements are fulfilled. 

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