Posted at 2018-04-04 00:27:09 — Link

hello, i dont know if this fits in the help forum exactly but it is something weird that i've noticed. when exploring islands the movement speed of my pets seems to change depending on which browser i'm using, i've tried firefox, chrome, brave on computer and silk and UCM browsers on mobile.

chrome, UCM and silk seem to have about the same speed, brave seems slightly faster and firefox is the fastest by far.

my internet connection speed is okay enough that i dont experience much lag while exploring, it seems to be the actual movement of the frame on the screen.

another weird thing is that the speeds seem to change at times when the browsers or computer get updates, i used to be able to explore at fast speeds on silk about a month ago, but recently it slowed down, and on firefox it has slowed after getting updates for windows 10, but after reverting back to windows 8.1, firefox is fast again.

i would like to know if anyone else has noticed these speed discrepancies, and try to find out if what is causing it is device related, browser related or something else... it's just annoying when trying to explore on a tablet and it takes 3 times longer to clear an island than using firefox on the computer