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  • Darkstalker36
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Posted at 2018-01-27 03:42:07 — Link

Im trying to get a unicorn that has 5 lines of heroes on each side please tell me if u r interested

Wings of fire is da best book series I ship sunnyflight not starspeaker!!!!!!!!!

  Have a great day and chilax 

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  • CajunMoon
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Posted at 2018-11-06 19:05:03 — Link

I have a white hero gen unicorn female I’m be glad to help if she qualif 

My real birthbay is Jan 19

Im working on a mini Hero Gen pet farm pets with selling starting at 3500 silver. Ask me about any pet, or send me your unwanteds and I’ll give you the first good child it produces! Thanks!  

92% of the girls/boys would cry if Justin Bieber fell off a cliff and died. 7% of the girls/boys would scream and jump off the cliff after him. 1% of the girls/boys would have been the ones who pushed him off the cliff. Put this on your signature if you were the 1% that pushed him off. 

 Fun fact: Justin Bieber used to sell makeup. Put this on your signature if you think it is funny.


70% of the world thinks warrior cats is stupid. 25% say who cares. Repost if you are part of that 5% that would take a hard cover warrior cat book and slap the other people saying, "Starclan is out for revenge!”

I do a bit of poetry one of my latest is posted below:

In Search of Home:

These stars do not choose our path.. We do. Even if my path is a lonely one, it is Mine. So I must travel wherever it takes me. Off into the dusk... Away from the Familiar... Off to find home...

We are all lost... in a way. Then someone helps us or we help them And these people are our friends... Our Brothers and Sisters...There is a bond stronger than family..The bond of the lost or forgotten. We are never truly alone.. For Stronger than Blood is the bond of those in search of truth... Those in search of home...

2: A secret so fond so sweet...                                                 Easy to crave but harder to keep..                                                It was just a kiss, a cuddle, a hug but it was still just a bud of a flower, their love. They were just boy and girl, yet she held his heart and he, hers It was like a soft tapping song that would play in her heart pushing through each day till she was allowed to return back home to his alluring voice, her lullaby. He was a prince, little did he know, Her, a gift, a heart pure Neither one knew their powers nor secrets, not all of them at least. Dawn and Dusk, Sun and Stars, no one else understood them despite wanting for these two hearts.. Whenever these two embraced, the sun shone brighter, the air sweeter, and her mind was never clearer, and it was obvious why... He was the missing piece. Her angel wings, nature’s awe-striking symphony, the comfort in the sunlight... She loved him, and feared him, but not fear of him- of losing him. Surely, she would be cursed and die if she lost him. But for now, her future was bright, him as her Sun, and her a candle’s light.


Image result for anime warrior cats riverspirit456Blue star is the best 

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