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  • DarkShadow28
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Posted at 2017-12-31 02:33:48 — Link

welcome, this is a place for all breeders to come, sit back and relax. Maybe even sip on some apple juice, or water whatever you desire. Here we can talk about the hardship of breeding our beloved beasts and give each other some tips or just rant for 10 seconds how our deviant breeding is failing and passing out in the chair to get marked by your friends. *Holds up Black ink Marker* so enjoy but warning to all I has a marker so stay awake or fear the markers Wrath XD.


to start this evening, Black Zebras are hard to find and hard to breed to Perfect Lines. Black and white Zebras look similar but two completely different unicorns. Yup..

Hello all I have a Several groups and Shops down below come check them out if you wish to. 

~GP/ Deviant-Breeding Coves~ Link--

-Fresh Bloodline Project- Link--

-Dark's Market Den- Link--

-Beast Shop- Link--

-Newbie Den- Link--

  • Yemagh
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  • Posts: 40

Posted at 2018-01-07 03:28:08 — Link

i feel your pain, but for me it is throdamas. i only have two throdamas with elemental resistance(one of them from lucky mutagens) and a single one with agile paws, all i could find, and no amount of digging will get me more. these genes seem like such a rarity for them... but by some miracle of nature i've managed to map out a breeding route to make a perfect throdama someday with the ones i have, hopefully it works...

  • Sheliak
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  • Posts: 177

Posted at 2018-01-07 07:57:07 — Link

Throdama are hard! In addition to the genes you mention, Acute Eyesight is awfully rare. 

I'm afraid part of your difficulties might be my fault, though; I pillaged the pound for the offspring of stud males with those traits, especially Agile Paws. 

If you want, you can contact me for a breeding or two? I've got a fair few males with Agile Paws that I could spare a few breedings from, although most aren't homozygous. 

I've also had trouble with cockatrices, and a bit with symurghs—why is Salt of the Earth so rare? Not to mention Bet Expert and Stench... And Napalm Gland for dragons. And Magic Mirror for unicorns, although I'm not really actively working on those. 

  • Yemagh
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  • Posts: 40

Posted at 2018-01-07 18:56:32 — Link

haha, it's perfectly fine! i've been doing the same you did, looking at the offspring of those males(and sometimes others too). but i wont hesitate on using all the mutagens i can get my hands on too if they are necessary. the saving grace with agile paws is that it is easy to pass down dominant at least, since it has such a high gene power. thanks for the offer, at the current moment i will not be breeding my throdamas, i'm trying to level them up to 50 so they can make higher genetic power offspring, but i might contact you in the future when they are ready. i've been breeding symurghs too, for me it is kind of a side project... i've been selling/pounding a lot of symurghs that dont come out the way i wanted... they are indeed hard to breed as well...

  • Sheliak
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  • Posts: 177

Posted at 2018-01-07 23:30:03 — Link

Hah, I just thought I'd offer! I had enough luck with the pound that I started thinking I'd depleted all the easily-found good bugs. 

I have a few bugs at level 50, but most of them are not there yet. And it takes so much time... (I've been terribly spoiled by my GP3 Lykoi, which I think are about the easiest thing in the game to level up, with their extra energy.)

  • CajunMoon
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Posted at 2018-12-13 19:47:52 — Link

Hi! I’m trying to start a Hero gen farm can y’all direct me on where to go and how to start? I have females except for the specialty pets... plz help me..

My real birthbay is Jan 19

Im working on a mini Hero Gen pet farm pets with selling starting at 3500 silver. Ask me about any pet, or send me your unwanteds and I’ll give you the first good child it produces! Thanks!  

92% of the girls/boys would cry if Justin Bieber fell off a cliff and died. 7% of the girls/boys would scream and jump off the cliff after him. 1% of the girls/boys would have been the ones who pushed him off the cliff. Put this on your signature if you were the 1% that pushed him off. 

 Fun fact: Justin Bieber used to sell makeup. Put this on your signature if you think it is funny.


70% of the world thinks warrior cats is stupid. 25% say who cares. Repost if you are part of that 5% that would take a hard cover warrior cat book and slap the other people saying, "Starclan is out for revenge!”

I do a bit of poetry one of my latest is posted below:

In Search of Home:

These stars do not choose our path.. We do. Even if my path is a lonely one, it is Mine. So I must travel wherever it takes me. Off into the dusk... Away from the Familiar... Off to find home...

We are all lost... in a way. Then someone helps us or we help them And these people are our friends... Our Brothers and Sisters...There is a bond stronger than family..The bond of the lost or forgotten. We are never truly alone.. For Stronger than Blood is the bond of those in search of truth... Those in search of home...

Image result for anime warrior cats riverspirit456Blue star is the best 

  • ghosthosepipesongs
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Posted at 2019-02-15 17:14:28 — Link

ok so i feel like this is for people who have Internet and a lot of time on their hands. neither of which is me. so.....

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