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I slook up from my coffee to see Kathy standing above me. Her Silky red hair is tied in two braids that end at her sholder and her hands at her hips. 

 " You were supposed to come by my house this weekend!" She says with a childs pout on her cherry tinted lips.

Thats right I forgot. Again. We had made plan on for this sunday to hang out at her plance and watch a movie. I curse under my breath at my self for eing so forgetful.

 I put my head n my hands and groan. "That was today?" Kathy nodds in responce and sits down at my table. "Can I make it up to you?" She pauses for a second and nodds.

She looks at me with a sly expression on her face. "You have to Come to Alex's party this friday." 

I want to Say no to her, but of course i cant! This is the only way I'm going to repay her. "Fiiiiine." I sigh. Alex is a guy at school I like.

I can almost hear her say "Yes!" to herself.

((So sry its short REALLY crappy but I got an idea that will play out soon. Peace out and subscribe To this thread for more))