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  • kenna170
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Posted at 2017-06-08 03:09:04 — Link

I am making one custom skin for someone! it will only be available to them! please fill out the form below to get a chance of a free custom skin! ( also in need of free rainbow jars )





Marking Colors:

Base color:

Any questions:




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  • TheBluefireDragon
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Posted at 2017-06-28 03:42:56 — Link


Breed: Dragon

Markings: 5 heads, dark wing edges, yellow underbelly. 

Marking Colors: from left to right heads are black, green, red, blue, white.

Base color: red

Other; I pretty much just want it to look like Tiamat. Look a picture up for reference. Sorry if you can't do this for some reason like if its too hard.

Any questions: this is entirely free right?

Always needs vermillion

  • 2902709
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Posted at 2017-07-01 03:11:29 — Link

skin form

breed: lykos

Markings: swirls on body and tail, paws same colr as swirls

marking colors: swirls light purple

base: darker purple than swirls

questions: when will you say who gets the skin??




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  • RaptorKitty
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Posted at 2017-07-01 22:04:32 — Link

Sadly, Kenna has not been on beastkeeper for around 2 weeks at this point, she may or may not come back. It will be no real use trying to get her to make skins :c

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