Posted at 2017-04-30 03:51:50 — Link

While I do enjoy the Title system for helping me organize my pets, I feel that it would be a little more helpful, useful, and/or fun to be able to add more than one, likely no more than three total, titles onto a pet.

For example:

I have a Symurgh named Solstice who qualifies under two of my title sub-categories that I use for breeders - Peaceful Singers (Symurghs with Song of Peace as dominant) and Counter-Strikers (any pet who has the Counterstrike ability). However, I can only give her one title or the other, and I really don't feel it's convenient to swap the titles back and forth every day just to see, at a glance, that she has both Song of Peace and Counterstrike.

As with Title Scrolls, you could probably buy a Premium shop item (say, a Title Certificate) that allowed you to add one extra Title on each of your pets. It'd probably a little more a Title Scroll (20g instead of 15g) but when used, any of your pets could have an extra Title attached to them. Another Certificate would have to be bought to allot another title slot. After the max number of extra titles had been activated, Certificates could still be bought by you, but they could not be activated by you. That way, you could still sell and trade these items to others without being able to activate infinite extra titles.

I feel that this feature would be useful for breeders who don't want to make confusing titles for the sake of including all of a breeder's traits so that a first glance to determine who is related to whom, what abilities are had, what the pet is used for, etc. is much easier than buying extra title scrolls and coming up with something like "CS-FB-CDDMS" which may only be inclusive to, say, two of your pets as opposed to the option to have multiple titles so that you could say that one of your dragons had Fire Breath and Counterstrike while another was Fire Breath and George's Heir without having to create more titles.

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