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  • thezubat
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Posted at 2017-04-09 18:20:14 — Link

I just started on this site and I'm already about to leave because of how small the stable size is. It's absolutly rediculous how small it is. 


I suggest that you up it just a little bit and also allow users to buy stable size with the regular site currancy instade of ONLY spending money to buy that scroll. 

I can't buy anything with real money... and I thought it would be free to play... but apparently you have to pay to play on this site. If you don't... then you can't really do anything. 

  • PantherSeal
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Posted at 2017-04-10 05:51:47 — Link

You can level up your stable with blueprints. There are five levels. You can buy the level two in the state store(though most people consider it overpriced) or they can be found in explore. If you are having trouble finding any you can ask for it in the apropriate boards, as those of us who have been playing for awhile have extras that we are willing to sell for a reasonable amount. Once you use it from your inventory you can go to your Craft & Construction(under the Manor tab) and build it using a pet and materials.

On a side note there are ways to earn gold coins. You can refer a person or by placing in the top ten Weekly Charts.

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