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Posted at 2017-01-09 22:59:10 — Link

Pet drops item found in quest due to warehouse full - but warehouse has room.

Inventory: 122/130 items


The report looks like this:

Your pet gained 48 XP.
You don't have enough space in the warehouse. Your pet dropped the item that it found.
You received 1500

The only non bug Idea I can think of why this might happen is if the item found was Wood or Stone, I had more than 999 of those...

  • DragonDreamers
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Posted at 2017-01-10 02:23:51 — Link

The only reason I could think was if an item reached max.

Item Trades:


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Posted at 2017-01-10 10:26:17 — Link

It's possible to find wood and stone in quests. The items from quests are the same with the items from the chests on islands, so all regular materials are possible.

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