Posted at 2016-12-15 03:29:58 — Link

Not sure if suggestions are even being accepted /declined /reveiwed, but if they are I would like to sugest adding an edit button to the craft and construction tab. I woud also like to be able to submit more than one pet to crafting at a time.

1~We can rearrage the groups of our pets. I wish something would be implemented for blueprints, so that I can move my seasonal event blueprints to the bottom of the list. Many of these blueprints can no longer be crafted, and if they can the items are next to worthless.

2~ There are 19 different kinds of golems in Beastkeeper. Some the resources build up and dont have a use anymore, and I wish I could move those to the bottom of the list. Crafting all 19 of these thing, or atleast most is something I about every ten days. I would like there to be a submit button added to craft and construction as there is for quests for these reasons.

its only 7 stories.