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Posted at 2016-11-05 21:37:45 — Link

The Overview

In the very heart of Europa lies a city in which all the roads throughout the land lead to. Enormously vast, it spreads for many square miles, covering the land with structures both new and ancient, some of which are highly overpopulated while others are nearly abandoned. Should one, man or beast, fly above the center of the city, he will not see its outskirts – for they’ll be hidden beyond the horizon. So many architectural wonders have been erected here, from the shining towers of glass, magnificent palaces of ivory and bronze, and exotic growths, all locked in the walls of iron and stone. And, of course, there are manors, where Beast Keepers dwell. Sometimes it’s hard to say if there are more beasts or humans there.

That just might be the reason why the city is called Beastopia.

Beasts move freely through the city districts, feeling no fear of men and instilling none into them. There are many tasks in which Beast Keepers rely on their pets, but beasts are no means treated as slaves. Obedience is achieved by influence and authority of a Keeper, in the high-end resulting in a deliberate truce between pet and master. So it’s not unusual to see a Beast roaming the city of its own accord.

No one truly knows (except maybe the Administratum) how old this city is. There is evidence that it saw the Age of Primordial Wonder, and its pavements remember the steps of demi-gods. But these traces of evidence are fragile and unreliable – or perhaps they’ve been made to look so. Nevertheless, most of the city appears to be relatively modern – and in a state constant, vibrant change. New manors are built on the ruins of the old ones and streets change their course, where new crossroads appear where just yesterday someone’s house stood. There is no magic in that – people come and go as the rich ones bankrupt and the poor ones catch their luck. Ever-increasing demand and the ever-growing population gave birth to new roads, markets, and shops. The balance of the city is fragile and even the slightest changes could cause drastic consequences. Where the respectable and luxurious mansions once shone, the “courts of miracles” appear, pitiful ruins crowded with lowlifes, rascals, and thieves.

The Entertainment

“In Beastopia you’ll find anything your heart desires!” - barkers shout at the corners. Cantinas and bars are never closed and never empty, for there is always someone to either celebrate success or mourn failure. In such places fights between beasts are often but rarely severe – city guards keep their duty well. Dragons and griffons, coated in mechanized armor, closely keep watch for any suspicious man or beast, eager to enforce law and order at the slightest disturbance. Aside from drinking and brawling, there are a lot of ways to spend one’s money and time – legal and… barely legal (let’s put it that way). But one shouldn’t forget: Beastopia, a caring mother for the rich and successful, could easily turn into a cruel mistress for those who run out of their luck.

Rivalry and competition is a common thing between the Beast Lords. An open warfare is hardly an option for that, so there are many other ways to compete and prove one’s worth in Beastopia. Huge arenas gather vast crowds, eager to watch different sports tournaments hosting both individual and team-based events. Hundreds of specially trained Beasts participate in races, fights, games, and matches, earning their glory and showing incredible skills and abilities.

There are also festivals, parades and celebrations, which take place on any good (or not) occasion. For ambitious and conceited Lords, these are the way to increase their fame and popularity within city borders. And in that case, it’s very important to impress all the witnesses with the beauty and grace of the Lord’s Beasts. Such celebrations are often enough, but among them there are a few major ones – such as the Spring Equinox Procession and the Winter Solstice Twilight Dance. These grand spectacles gather nearly the whole city – and present a great challenge for beast Lords to show themselves off.

The Governance

One of the first questions that everybody asks when entering in the city is: “Who’s in charge here?” And it is indeed a tricky question. Despite the obvious presence of Administratum, the Magi have distanced themselves from the governing affairs of the city, aside from keeping the main city infrastructure functional. Beastopia is ruled by almost democratic (or even anarchic) principles. Overall governance is performed by The High Council, a gathering of the most potent Beast Lords. They solve major problems, using exclusively their own resources, which is why for any such problem the personal interests of Council members are crucial. There are no taxes in the city, but voluntary (or semi-voluntary) contributions can be made in certain occasions. The Administratum also take its toll, as may the individual Council members, gang leaders, and other powerful persons and organizations.

On a low level Beastopia seems a bit chaotic. One is completely free to build himself a house, workshop, or trading post at any given place or point in time. But one wouldn’t get any protection or support – even the guards will interfere only in case of an open fight. Crime lords may become a real issue, and rivalries between fellow Beast Keepers may prove no less brutal. Beastopia is a tough place and only the tough can survive here. But it is here where all important things make their start, which has made Beastopia an ideal base of operations for young, ambitious Beast Keepers. 

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Posted at 2017-06-10 10:05:45 — Link

I really love the street scape artwork, really gives you the feeling of someone steping into the unknown with goals of becomeing a beastkeeper :)

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