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There are many ways to measure wealth and prosperity in Europa. Whether it’s by coin or land, or valuable resource or powerful artifact, all of them are important. But without a doubt, the major measure of an individual’s value is weighed in the possession of Beasts, for owning one is what ascends a commoner into the noble and honored ranks of the Beast Keepers.

A Keeper’s position and status is strongly determined by how many Beasts they own and how great their renown is. One needs to have at least one Beast to call themselves a Beast Keeper, but the rank of a Beast Lord comes at a much higher price. The long, hard way to the top can be reached through many paths, although each route is connected to Beasts. Beasts that are owned by the Keeper, bred by the Keeper, tamed by the Keeper, and shaped by him. The usefulness, fame and exceptionality of the Beast are the Pillars of Power for the Keeper.

Beasts vary greatly throughout the world, and vary even more from one Keeper to another. The value of each is based on its appearance, style, skills, and persona. All these traits, no matter how naturally developed, en masse are the product of the continuous efforts made by a devoted Keeper.

Created in the Age of Primordial Wonder, Beasts themselves are wondrous indeed. They can be easily tamed, trained, and modified, but it goes even deeper than that. As malleable as clay, they can be genetically sculpted, allowing a patient, attentive Keeper to create brand new breeds packed with features and perks of his desire. Solving these genetic puzzles in order to achieve the intended result may prove difficult, but the greater the challenge, the greater the accomplishment is, is it not?

Rare species, arcane machinery, rediscovered secrets from long lost ages, and cunning mating and training practices – all of these are useful instruments for the Keeper. The Warlock-Rovers are eager to sell ancient relics; Wyld Sentinels hold knowledge of new, never-before-seen creatures; and the fellow (or rival) Keepers may prove useful in trading and crossbreeding. Europa is an ever-brewing cauldron of new lines and breeds, and a sea of possibilities awaits the Keeper who is both determined and focused.

However, there is one thing the Keeper should never forget: every single Beast of Europa is a sane, self-conscious, willful being. It has its quirks and virtues, its merits and weaknesses. Developing a Beast’s persona is no less, and sometimes even more, important than its physique, looks, and skills. An unhappy or frustrated creature can become unresponsive to training, and enraged or frightened – repulsive to its Keeper’s will.

Shaping a Beast’s demeanor is a tricky task that is rarely achieved by obvious, straightforward actions. The ways of character building are subtle and rely heavily on the Beast’s individuality and the relations between it and its Keeper. Responsibility will pay off sevenfold, while carelessness may lead to unforeseen consequences. A wise Keeper will never treat the Beast as a thing or a slave, but rather as a child, fully aware of the mystical bond between them.

It is rumored that somewhere among the ancient ruins, one can find carvings of primordial wisdom that reappear in different parts of the realm from eon to eon:
“You become responsible forever for what you have tamed.”